Toonami Expands To 6 Hours
Date: Wednesday, September 26 @ 22:01:38 EDT
Topic: Toonami News

From Jason DeMarco on Twitter:

Okay #toonami fans, since it's fucking leaked b/c the internet sucks, here's the news: starting next week, Toonami expands to 6 hours from midnight-6am, without repeating from 3a-6a. I'm happy to announce that we will also be running the great SYM-BIONIC TITAN, and the also great new THUNDERCATS! Also, BEBOP will make it's return, running from 5a-6a. Finally, this Saturday we'll start running a new lineup spot that gives you the whole rundown, which will air every night for a whole. Hope this news makes you guys as happy as it does us, and finally- FUCK THE INTERNET FOR SPOILING EVERYTHING. <3

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