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Zoids: a popular property with kids and teens alike that combined a great plotline with great action. With two sequels and another one to come, fantastic toy sales, and the release of Zoids video games in America, the property is already proven to be a great competitor with all of the other mecha anime merchandise. However, in 2004, Bandai decided to make an attempt to beat down the Zoids franchise and create their own next hit. In Winter 2004, Bandai revealed what they thought to be the next big hit with boys 6-11: D.I.C.E. The show was announced for Cartoon Network, and became what many considered to be the next cash crop for Toonami. In early January, the first episode premiered on Toonami's website, and a lot of people were disappointed. The show was merely an advertisement for the toys themselves. Unlike Zoids, which targeted a wider audience and offered more than an advertisement, D.I.C.E. basically has no plot at all. The show has some of the worst voice acting seen in an animated series and contains little to any violence. The sad thing is that D.I.C.E. doesn't appeal to any audience. Whether you're 7 or 18 years old, you'll find nothing appealing about this anime. The show has a compex(and not in a good way) storyline that only a high-schooler would even have a chance at understanding, along with the cheesy theme song and teamwork crap that anyone above ten years old would easily turn away from. Along with the lack of violence, the show seems to have little support, aside from the visuals, which are actually the only positive part of D.I.C.E. If you look at the cover of a future DVD or video game in D.I.C.E.'s name, you'll probably see something that looks like it has the potential to be surpass Gundam, Zoids, The Big O, and all of the other legendary mecha anime series. However, what's really behind the cover is a lack-luster series that is really a 20 minute commercial for another line of action figures. Most of us probably know where the show ended up in the long run. After D.I.C.E. premiered, CN replaced the Duel Masters reruns with the highest rated show for the kids, Teen Titans. With another Teen Titans episode airing after D.I.C.E., the show recieved great ratings in the "Teen Titans Sandwich" and CN immediately ordered 26 more episodes. However, when Duel Masters returned and replaced the first Teen Titans rerun, D.I.C.E.'s ratings sunk. This prompted CN to skip to the last few episodes on the night of the Duel Masters season two premiere. After the Duel Masters season two premiere night, D.I.C.E. was scheduled to be shafted to the 6AM spot on Saturday mornings beginning on April 9. Considering the fact that Saturday is the start of the weekend and most kids stay up all night and sleep in atleat passed 9AM, this is the worst slot it coud recieve. Worse than Gundam SEED, worse than Transformers Energon, and worse than .hack//legend of the twilight. I have to thank CN for giving it the slot it deserves and the kids for knowing what good entertainment really is. This is the one show that I really can't recommend to anyone. Like I said, neither kids, teenagers, or adults will find anything satisfying in this anime. If you want something better, just check out Gundam SEED or Zoids, or even G Gundam. Just avoid this show at all costs.

Added: April 6th 2005
Reviewer: gundam123
Related Link: D.I.C.E. official website
Hits: 1579


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Posted by anthonyfiddy2 on 2014-06-09 03:43:07
My Score:

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Posted by Banshou on 2005-08-02 02:10:28
My Score:

I liked it...-_-

Posted by Kurosaki88 on 2005-07-25 15:39:53
My Score:

D.I.C.E. sucks! After watching the first few episodes i got sooooo bored of it. It's alright but it just sucks.

Posted by darkness88 on 2005-07-07 15:11:50
My Score:

D.I.C.E. was okay at first. Then it got annoying. How many planets in the galaxy are suspiciously about to blow up? By the way, great review. Couldn't have said it better myself.

Posted by Beefy on 2005-04-28 21:53:00
My Score:

I admit I've never sat through an entire episode of D.I.C.E. All I've seen were bits and pieces as I fast forwarded through it. One thing I did like what I saw were the character designs for the alien species. The humans were meh, but the aliens looked cool. But from the reviews it sounds like I didn't miss much.

Posted by JJc14 on 2005-04-08 19:03:14
My Score:

good review gundam123...i actually skipped over the D.I.C.E. airings entirely as the ads for the series simply didn't do anything for me, so i'm glad to hear i didn't miss all that much...

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