Dragonball Toy License- Sold off?
Date: Monday, December 23 @ 22:25:07 EST
Topic: Acquisition Info

Apparently, the bankrupt company Irwin Toys, makers of the Dragonball Z figures, among others, will be selling off their line of and license for Dragonball Z figures to JAKKS Pacific. JAKKS Pacific is known for their wrestling figures, which were some of the first figures to use Real Scan technology. "Read More" for the article...

From the Toronto Star... "Toronto-based Irwin was also expected to close a deal yesterday to sell its best-performing line, a series of action figures based on the popular Japanese TV cartoon show Dragon Ball Z, to California-based Jakks Pacific, Inc. for $5 million, according to court filings. The line has generated $28 million (U.S.) in sales for Irwin this year." Read the full article at The Toronto Star. The info was tracked down through Figures.Com and Dragonballtoys.com. Thanks to Toronto Star for makng the article.

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