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  We've got to find 'em all... before August 31st...
Posted on Wednesday, May 21 @ 11:14:46 EDT by KnuxFive

Release Info Because on that day, Pioneer stops releasing Dragonball Z products.

Yep, their license is running out. Want the first three movies or Saban-era episodes? Better get 'em.

FUNimation will be releasing a new dub of Seasons 1 and 2 later. No word on the situation of the first movies...

Source: Daizenshuu EX

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by Darrind on Friday, July 20 @ 13:37:37 EDT
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by teon00 on Wednesday, May 16 @ 07:32:33 EDT
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Re: We've got to find 'em all... before August 31st... (Score: 1)
by Darrind on Tuesday, July 24 @ 01:32:08 EDT
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Re: We've got to find 'em all... before August 31st... (Score: 1)
by taniawalters2 on Sunday, June 08 @ 23:46:40 EDT
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Re: We've got to find 'em all... before August 31st... (Score: 1)
by jack on Thursday, May 28 @ 23:26:52 EDT
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Re: We've got to find 'em all... before August 31st... (Score: 1)
by jack on Thursday, May 28 @ 23:28:01 EDT
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Re: We've got to find 'em all... before August 31st... (Score: 1)
by dazhu on Thursday, June 11 @ 02:39:35 EDT
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