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  Toonami Related Shows for the week of December 16th
Posted on Saturday, December 14 @ 19:54:37 EST by tylerl

Toonami News KnuxFive writes "This is the episode schedule for shows related to Toonami. Powerpuff Girls, Zoids, etc. and shows that appeared on schedules like Justice League, Samurai Jack, and Max Steel. Also, He-Man and Armada, as they aren't always on Toonami.

Click "Read More" for the whole schedule.

MS= Max Steel
ZCC= Zoids Chaotic Century
Z0= Zoids New Century/Zero
PPG= The Powerpuff Girls
Ham= Hamtaro
BB= Batman Beyond
JQ= The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest
JL= Justice League
SJ= Samurai Jack
MOTU= He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
TFA= Transformers Armada
MSG= Mobile Suit Gundam
0080= Gundam 0080
SF= Superfriends

6:00 MS- Shadows
6:30 ZCC- Longest Night of the Republic
7:30 PPG- Getting Twiggy With It/ Cop Out
10:30 Ham- Search for Sandy's Brother
3:00 Z0- The Shadow Fox: Brad's Betrayal
3:30 BB- Once Burned

5:00 JQ- The Robot Spies
6:00 MS- Seraphim
6:30 ZCC- Defense of the City
7:30 PPG- Jewel of the Aisle/ Super Zeroes
10:30 Ham- Bijou's Favorite Ribbon
3:00 Z0- Harry's Disaster: Dr. Laon Traps Toros!
3:30 BB- Hooked Up

5:00 JQ- More Than Zero
6:00 MS- Snow Blind
6:30 ZCC- Prozen's Conspiracy
7:30 PPG- Three Girls And A Monster/ Monkey See, Doggy Two
10:30 Ham- Get Well, Laura
3:00 Z0- The Dragon Under the Sea: In Search of the Ultimate X
3:30 BB- Rats

5:00 JQ- Other Space
6:00 MS- Sharks
6:30 ZCC- Resurrection Monster
7:30 PPG- Candy is Dandy/ Catastrophe
10:30 Ham- Hamtaro, the Super Sleuth!
3:00 Z0- The Dragon Awakens: The Berserk Fury Enters The Fray
3:30 BB- Mind Games

5:00 JQ- Digital Double Cross
6:00 MS- Sabres
6:30 ZCC- Charged Particle Gun
7:30 PPG- Hot Air Buffon/ Ploys R' Us
10:30 Ham- Slipper Chase
3:00 Z0- Tournament of Heroes: The Royal Cup
3:30 BB- Revenant
10:30 PPG- Superfriends
11:30 SJ- XXVI

5:00 JQ- Thoughtscape
12:00 JL- Brave and the Bold Part 1
12:30 JL- Brave and the Bold Part 2
9:00 SJ- XXI
9:30 JL- A Knight of Shadows Part 2
10:00 MOTU- Mystery of Anwat Gar
10:30 TFA- Gail
1:00 0080- War in the Pocket
1:30 MSG- Battle of Odessa

5:00 SF- Brainchild/ Case of Stolen Powers
6:30 PPG- Getting Twiggy With It/ Cop Out
7:00 JL- War World Part 1
7:30 SJ- XIX

As always, schedules are subject to change. Culled from Cartoonnetwork.com"

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