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Date: Sunday, April 02 @ 06:53:33 EDT
Topic: Release Info

Media Blasters, in conjunction with World Events Productions, has announced they will be releasing the classic Toonami series Voltron: Defender of the Universe on a series of DVD sets beginning in September 2006. Each set (8 total) will contain about 15 episodes, all with 5.1audio and remastered video.

In addition to original character sketches, TV ads, and news footage, the DVDs will contain new extras created "with help from the original producers and staff."

Media Blasters is also planning to release the original Japanese series used to create Voltron, Hundred Beast King ("King of Beasts") GoLion and Armored Squadron Dairugger XV, on DVD starting next year. They will be uncut and subtitled.

More information will be available from Media Blasters new Voltron site.

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