Continue, the Clone Wars shall... (EDIT)
Date: Sunday, October 13 @ 02:20:06 EDT
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Nearly a year ago, Disney purchased Lucasfilm, which abruptly cancelled Star Wars: The Clone Wars while it was partway through its production in the sixth season.

Now, Dark Horizons reports that the final season has wrapped production and will air sometime in 2014. The question, though, is where? Will it finish airing on Cartoon Network (and potentially even Toonami) or will it air on Disney XD? Only time will tell...

EDIT: When asked about it on their Q&A, Toonami gave the following response:

Star Wars: Clone Wars is getting new episodes in 2014, any chance those will air on Toonami?

We don’t have any idea, we’d love them to but that’s out of our hands at the moment!

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