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TDA's Greatest Fanfics

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Author Message


Joined: Nov 07, 2002
Post subject: TDA's Greatest Fanfics
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It took me a while, but I managed to find them all. Instead of bumping the thread they were all merged into before Dill lost her harddrive, I'll repost them into this thread.

Reading over these made me both happy and sad, as I remember the incredible times I had on TDA while this messege board was in its prime.

I hope those of you that remember the old times enjoy these stories as much as I enjoyed participating in them.


by dillpops, dreadnot and JJc14 one rainy day a long time ago in Martin's Bar where this tennis game-like story developed!

* * *

OK, this is the movie me, dreadnot and JJc14 put together in the fight thread for some reason.

I won't bother to put who wrote what, it's fairly easy to guess.


Dread: I need a weapon...Shes not so tough...I CAN BEAT HER!

Dill: Oh really?

Dread: damn...*Runs into a store* This is Perfect!

Dill: NOW DIE!

Dread: *Hold up an Ice Cream cone*

Dill: OOOOO!!!!

*dillpops eats ice cream cone*

dread: this is my chance! *sneaks out the door*

*some director comes in*

director: hey! A sneaking kid! For my film, The Sneaking Kid

dread: mwuh?

Director: Your gonna be FAMOUSE

Dread: Are you any good?

Director: no, actually my movies loose millions at the box office...

Dread: Then why do I want to be in your movie?

Director:...Because LIGHTS!!!

*Bright light flash onto Dread*

Director: AND ACTION!

Dread:...Whats My motive? WHAT AM I DOING!!? WHERE AM I?

Director: Gee I never thought of that

Dill: HMMM good icecream *see's Dread* Time to diiiieee

Dread: Uh oh **runs**

Director: AHH YOU THERE! You scared away my NUMBER 1 ACTOR!!

Dill: So...

Dread: *Hears Screaming* *Gulp*

dillpops: I'll be the director! MWA HA HA HA

*pulls dread back kicking and screaming to be in her movie*

dread: get the hell away from me! help! help!

dillpops: you will be the bloody sneaking kid if I die filming it!

dread: I can arrange that!

dillpops: shut up!

dread: no!

dillpops: I'll give you a car....

dread: ok then


dillpops: scene one- the sneaking kid comes onstage

dread: these pants chafe

dillpops: shut up, ENTER VILLAINS!

*TWWK and blade are shoved on stage with plastic guns*

TWWK: I am so humiliated

Blade: at least we got parts and she isn't violently mutilating our dead bodies

dillpops: ok, sneaking kid you will sneak onstage and hit the bad guys

dread: why?

dillpops: it's what you do, your the SNEAKING KID!

dread: but that has no point at all

dillpops: blame the writer

*reveals chon in chains behind a curtain*

chon: I can't work in these conditions!

dillpops: I'll send some chicken in later with the car

chon: ooooooo *scribbles a script out*

dillpops: ok, sneaking kid, villains ACTION!

*they look about awkwardly*


dread: *points fingers a TWWK* bang

*TWWK does an overly long and dramatic death scene*

dread: that was easier than I thought....*turns to blade*

blade: no..please....don't hurt me....I have a wife and three kids

dread: no you don't

blade: no, I don't. But I might have in the future! YOU'D BE A FUTURE MURDERER!


::JJc14 throws down his popcorn and walks out of the theatre in disgust::

Dread: *click*

Blade: ha HA you are out of om...amn..

Dillpops* AMMO!

Blade AH right Ammo...Give..up sneaking kid...or I will I NEED MORE LIGHT OVER HERE!!!

Dill: *sigh* More light on Blade

Dread: I shall never give into thee for I hath to go sneaketh somewhereth else...


Dread: I'm just reading the script *Glares at Chon*

Blade: Well I reckon this is the end of the line for you partner...I rekon you just be gettin out of dodge...WHO WRITES THIS CRAP!

Dread and Dill: CHON!

TWWK: am I still dead?


dillpops: ok...next scene 'Sneaking kid jousts the villains!'

all: what?

dillpops: that's what it says, SCENE CHANGE!


*the cast are on a field with a cardboard castle in front of them, they are dressed as knights*

dillpops: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek eeeeeek eeeek!

TWWK: what are you doing?

dillpops: we couldn't afford groupies for dread so I have to do it

Dread: no groupies? damn.

Blade: so what are we here for?

Chon: I can explain that! For I am the writer!

dillpops: and I'm the director!

TWWK and Blade: and we're the villains!

dread: and I'm the SNEAKING KID!

Chon: it was just a figure of speech

all: damn


dillpops: in this scene the sneaking must defend his honour in a battle to the death!

Blade: Halteth for I am here to stealith your honor in a battle to the death!

TWWL: Uh yeah me too

Dread: You can't kill me! I am da hero you is going to bust a cap up your @$$!?????

Chon: *Snickers*

TWWK: Then prepareth your self!

Dread: You hommie I'm down wit dat... OK THIS MAKES NO SENCE!!!!

Dill: READ!!!!!

Dread: Err Dread pulls a oh wait *Dread pulls a gun* Die mutha fugaz *dropps gun* *Gun sounds go off* But I'm not holding it...

Blade: Alas you hath goten me

TWWK: Uh yeah me to *falls*

dillpops: and thus the sneaking kid is vitcorius!

Chon: wait wait wait!

*Chon snatches the script and scribbles on it*

dillpops: what the...apparently chon has added a new scene

blade: what? OH MY GOD! Is in the script? *starts rumaging through his script* I didn't see this part oh my god! You gotta let me learn it!


dillpops: anyway...this new scene is where...apparently TWWK and blade come back as evil shredded donkeys

dread: 0_o

dillpops: that's what it says, ok WRAP THE SNEAKING KID IN TIN FOIL!

*dread is rolled up in tin foil*

dread: I have one thing to say: why?

dillpops: it's your armour.


chon: this will be the best movie ever!

dread: when I get out of here I am going to kill and mutilate every single one of you- is my hair ok?

Dill: yes your hair is fine

Dread; what about my sword

Dill: Sword? you get a sword?

Dread: I have armor...

Chon: Give him a sword

Dill: what can we use as a sword

*Chon tosses Dread a carrot*

Dread: -_-'


Blade: CUT!


Blade: uh...TWWK DID!


Blade: Do we get weapons?

Dread: Your a pinyata...you don't get a weapon...

Dill: Chon?

Chon: *evil laugh* Huh? yeah sure whatever you say *scrible*


::JJc14 sneaks back into the theatre and takes his seat::

random person: didn't you say you had better things to do?


rp: well?

"...shut up..."

Blade: since when was I a pinyata?

Chon:...*hides blades script* you have always been a pinyata, just an evil pinyata

Blade: oh, that's ok then

*dread rolls over in his foil*

dread: let's get to it then

dill: action!

TWWK: never shall you cross me again sneaking kid! For now we shall eat you as we are evil shredded donkeys!

dread: I shalt not surrender my sword to thy evil donkeyness and stuff

TWWK: sword? who wants a stupid sword?

dill: *whispers* they want to kill you

dread: why?

dill: it's an honour thing

chon: just read the script!

TWWK: now, prepare to die!

Blade: as we eat you!

*they pull out their plastic guns*

dread: weren't you going to eat me?

TWWK: after we've shot you over and over again

dread: never shall I be killed by you

*starts to roll forword in his sausage of tin foil*


Dread: *trip*

Blade: MMM a carrot *eats carrot*

Dread: MY SWORD!!!

TWWK: HAH! Now you have no weapon Sneaking KID!

Dread: Oh yeas i do! **runs off*


Dread: *comes back 20 minets laters*

Blade: What kind of weapon is that?

Dread: Its some lint, a pen, a needle, and some dental floss

*Dread mysteriasly kills the shreaded donkys*

Dread: HAhA *sneaks away*


random extra: this has got to be the WORST movie i've ever seen...this makes "glitter" look like movie of the year...

JJc14 "keep it down, you don't know who's directing this..."

re: yea, you're right, it can't be the actor's fault, so it must be shoddy directing...

JJc14 "i didn't say th-"

dill: WHAT?!?

re: (while pointing to JJc) he was just saying how much better the movie would be if there was a decent director involved...

JJc14 ::spits out his soda:: "oh crap..."



Directed by- dillpops

written by- Chon


sneaking kid - dreadnot
Villain #1 - The World We Know
Villain #2 - Blade Zero
The Sneaking Kid's Sword - a carrot

Costumes: some stuff dillpops threw together

Lighting: a torch, a lamp and some car headlights

Make-up: DP's sisters secret stash of colour

Music: Chon's CD's




Film critic: WTF WAS THAT!!!! IT WAS *Car drives by blocking the sound*

* * *
* * *
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'Oh,' he said.
YES, said Death.
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PostThu Jan 10, 2008 3:13 pm
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Joined: Nov 07, 2002
Post subject:
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Ghost Story
by Chon, creating independantly, was finished but I seem to have lost the ending...0_o

* * *

Ok, another story im doing. I though it would be fun to do cause I had this Idea in my head for a while ^_^

also, it would have been hhard if there were more then 8 characters in it, so dont yell at me for excluding you, im realy sorry ^_^.

starting... now

KE sat on one of the couches in the bus, staring out the window. Once again everyone fell victem to one of Chons crazy ideas... this one inpeticular was a road trip. It was dusk, and the setting sun painted an eerie, dark glow over the land. He pulled off his sunglasses to view the breathtaking landscape of tall grassy plains and gnarled grey and blackened trees. The sun added a chilling feeling to the scenery.

He seemed to be the only one appreciating nature. Everyone was taking turns driving the bus, because of their original driver (Chibi) falling ill... no one realy bought his act
though, but everyone thought he deserved a break. unfortunately, Dread got them lost so Tyler had taken the wheel. The remaining TDA members were scattered about, either in their bunks asleep or eating some cold Wienerschnitzel takeout.

Suddenly, he felt the bus shiver and quickly slow down to a stop. He jumped up from his seat and went down the small hall that led to their bunk/kitchenette area. The other guys
were up, and Tylers�s cry of, "Aw, fuck!" gave them the idea that something was wrong.

"What happened?!" exclaimed st.

Tyler climbed out from the driver's seat, looking rather irritated. He held the keys in his hand and heaved them at the floor. "We're out of gas," he cried.

The looks on everyone's faces showed the feeling was mutual. "What are we going to do?" asked Dread.

"We should go check to see if there's anyone out there that can help us," suggested Dill.

"Yeah right," sneered Dread. "Have you seen where we are? We're in the middle of nowhere!"

Chon glared at Dread. "Dread, if you didn't get us lost--"

"What the hell?!" he protested. "Maybe if a certain someone didn't spill beer all over the damn map, we wouldn't be here!"

KE made a nervous face and glanced out through a window. "Hey, shut up.. check it out." He opened up the door and let himself out. The others followed him out to where he stood, in front of a huge, black wrought-iron gate. Behind it sprawled an enormous, Gothic-style

"Wicked," murmured st. "It looks abadoned though.." His voice trailed off, knowing that they might be stuck alone in a deserted area.

Tyler walked up to the gate and noticed that a heavy, silver chain was wrapped around where it would open. "There goes our chance of even getting in." There was silence, and
no one spoke. Thoughts of ways to try to break in were all whirling in their minds.

"What do you think you're doing?!" a woman's voice yelled from behind them.

Chon let out a high-pitched, surprised scream and jumped back. The others were startled and nearly leaped out of their skin.

A scowling woman with black hair piled in a bun and angry eyes came up to them. "What do you think you're doing?" she repeated.

"Nothing!" said Dill. "We-we were just um.. We.."

"Uhh, our um, our bus ran out of gas and we were hoping we could get into this house to find someone to get help," Tyler explained.

"Well, you aren't going to find anyone there," she snorted. "It's been empty for years. Many years."

"Are you the caretaker?" Dread questioned.

"Yes I am," she said in the same peeved tone. "I live about ten miles down the road. I was just finishing up here when I saw you boys sneaking around."

"Do you know of a place we can stay?" KE asked, keeping his distance from the crazy-looking woman.

"Nope. Can't stay with me either. Not enough room," she said curtly. "But you can stay here in the house. One night. That's it. I can take one of you to town in the morning to get
some gas."

Everyone breathed a silent sigh of relief. They quickly stepped back as she came up to unlock the chain from the gate. She pulled it open and it squeaked and groaned loudly.
"Let me say," she warned. "That there is no form of communication between here and the town. You'll be left alone with no electricity. Only candles. There's running water and plumbing. But no phones. Nothing. You'll be here all alone. No one can hear you. Everyone lives miles from here." She motioned for them to follow her through the gate,
which they did. They got up to the humongous doors of the house, which she quickly unlocked.

Opening one of the doors, she said, "Goodnight." When they didn't move, she pointed at the door. "Goodnight," she said firmly. Everyone stared at her, she made an angry face. "GET
IN!" They all quickly rushed in and she slammed the door and locked it.

The door slamming echoed in the foyer of the home. The eight members stood there, in awe. A huge, spiralling staircase curled upwards to a majestic second story. Near it was a long, dark hallway. To their left and right were two wide openings leading into other
spacious rooms. Dusty windows all around had rich velvet curtains

"Damn," KE finally said.

"This is kind of spooky," remarked Dillpops. "Let's find some candles.. or something to light."

"How about a fart?" snickered Chon, making a reference to KE�s firey indigestion earlier. Gouf laughed, and KE shot them both looks. He brushed past the two into one of the
other rooms.

"You guys are so immature," said Chibi in an airheaded voice, joining KE. The rest of them went along and searched what appeared to be a living room, for candles.

"Hey, c'mere.. Lookit," Gouf said. He was standing near a wall where a painting hung of a young brunette woman and an older man. He had a grim expression, while hers was more
fearful. His friends came up and studied over the painting. "I wonder if they owned this house," mused Tyler.

"Maybe, but we better find some candles before it gets too dark," cautioned st.

"Here's one," Chon said. He grabbed a brass candlebra off a small side table. Three fat white candles sat in it, wicks untouched. He reached into his pocket. "Does anyone have
a lighter? I don't have one."

"Yeah," said Tyler, rummaging in his own pocket. He pulled out a neon blue lighter and handed it to Chon who flicked it away from the candles. Only sparks jumped out.
Furrowing his brow, he shook the lighter a bit to try to get more fuel out. Again, nothing came out. "Dammit!" Suddenly, a huge flame leaped out, but not from the lighter. All three candles were suddenly lit.

"Shit!" cried st and Dread. Panicked, Chon dropped the lighter and the candlebra. Everyone jumped back and stared at the brass holder which still held the three flaming
candles intact.

"Pick it up," Chibi whispered to Chon.

"Fuck no!" he hissed. "You get it."

"I'll get it," volunteered st. He took a prudent step closer to the candlebra, expecting it to suddenly come to life and engulf him. He reached out to grab it, then yanked his hand back. "It's gonna eat me," he whispered with a nervous giggle.

"Aw, damn," grumbled Dill. She reached over and snatched the candlebra from the floor. For a moment, she had a possessed look on his face, then lunged at the guys, screaming.

They all shouted out and stumbled back. Dill burst into laughter. "Aww, that was rich!"

"idiot," grumbled Tyler, trying to forget the feeling of his heart pounding in his ribcage.

Dillpops cackled gleefully at her little prank. She waved the candlebra around. "Oooh, watch out!" she growled in a deep voice. "It's gonna getcha!!"

Chon rolled his eyes. "Let's go upstairs. There might be some more there, and find someplace to sleep." He went back to the foyer and everyone trekked up the wide stairs. The small light from the candles caused jagged shadows to dance around. The stairs creaked quietly as they stepped up higher. Chon suddenly felt chills. "Wait," he whispered
stopping. "Do you feel that?"...

oooooo, cliffhanger. I'll finish tommorow, to tired now

next part done

They all froze. The skin on their arms and backs of their necks stood up as they felt a very soft, yet indiscreet breeze.

"What the hell," gasped Chibi.

"Ssh!" hushed Chon. "Listen." In the wind, there was a faint noise. Like a child's sad laughter. Wide-eyed, they all exchanged fearful glances. Without saying a word, they
raced up the stairs to the top.

Dread chafed his arms with his hands. "What the hell was that?!" He looked at his companions, all which shared equally frightened visages. No one spoke, because no one

"Candles," st whispered . "I'm not going to be stuck with one. those things are alive"

Tyler pulled out a candle from the candlebra and handed it to GoufCustom. "You and Chon go together. This place is huge and we'll be able to search it better if we split up."
They nodded, and headed down a pitch-black hallway, using their tiny light as their only beacon. He pulled another candle out and handed it to Dread. "Dread, you go with Dillpops. Me and KE will go together." Tyler took the last candle and gave it to Chibi �You go with st� Chibi let out a sarcastic �Yes sir� and walked down the last hall with st
at his side.


Silence. There were no noises that came from anywhere in the house. It seems that wherever they went, they were sucked into a soundproofed dimension.


"Ow!" exclaimed Gouf.

"What?!" said Chon, carefully turning around so as not to blow the flame out.

"I ran into something," he complained, his face shadowed heavily in the dark.

Unexpectedly, another cooling breeze drifted in. The two felt the chill and didn't move.

"Gouf?" Chon asked extremely quietly.


Whoosh. The candle flame extinguished.

"Oh, shit.."


A blood-curdling shriek pierced the air. It reveberated off the walls and echoed tinnily in the grand foyer.

"What the hell?" cried Dread. "Dill?"

"What?! I'm here!" came her frantic response. "Where are you?"

"Right in front of you dumbass! I'm holding the can..dle.." The bright orange flame that ate hungrily at the candle's wick suddenly blew out.

"Let's.. get out of here," urged Dill.

"Oh calm down you fraidy... !" He suddenly heard a loud thud, folowed by a crash �... Im with you�

"Where did you go?!"

"Right here!"




"Dammit Dread!!"

"So fucking sorry! You could have told me you were right in front of my face!"

She sighed irritably. "Give me your hand."

"No, thank you," he declined. "I can walk on my own."

"I don't want us to get lost," she explained.

"We can't. Just walk!"

"Yeah, okay, so when you accidently get pushed into a revolving bookcase and end up in a labrynth, don't come crying to me," Dillpops snorted.

Slowly, they shuffled around, fumbling for any obstacle in their way. Dread hand landed on something soft and he cried out in disgust, pulling away.

"Dread," Dill angrly said. "That just happened to be my ass."

"And what a nice ass you have," he snickered.

Dill snorted in disgust. �You son of a...�

Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, BANG!

Dread gave a nervous glance �Jeeze, haunted houses sure bring out the worst in people...�


"Aw!" growled Dread.

"Where did the door go?" exclaimed Dillpops.

"I thought it was right here.."

st and Chibi was not far from the situation that Dread and dill were in

�so... where are we again?� st sighed �You think I know?�

It was dark and there candlelight was disposed of, he could barely see anything... but soon st noticed that instead of seeing nothing, that a silhouette of Chibi could be seen. Slowly, he turned around and gawked. "C-Chibi?"

Chibi whirled around, knowing that something was wrong. "Oh.. my...�

The room was filling with a translucent glow of light from tall, floor candlebras and oil lamps. Large paintings hung on the walls and huge windows with lavish curtains were on two sides of the room. A huge, old-fashioned four poster canopy bed was near the windows. The blankets and comforters of the bed were torn.

Dangling from one of the tall posters was the body of a young woman. A tethered rope was tightly wrapped around her neck, which was red like a rash. Her body hung limp. Her
legs were touching the floor, considering the poster was too short for someone to be hanging in the air. Her porcelin white skin on her arms had two deep gashes which thick, red blood gushed from and had dried over her skin and puddled on the floor.

Without say a word, st and Chibi sprinted out of the room as fast as they could and ended up in a lightless hallway.

"Fuck!" screamed Chibi.

"Just run!" shouted st. He grabbed Chibi�s wrist and yanked him along with him as they ran blindly in the dark. Their footsteps pounded on the floor and their breathing was
labored. They ran and ran for what seemed forever and suddenly appeared in the area near the top of the stairs.

Struck with fright, they stood motionless. st�s short nails dug mercilessly into Chibi�s wrist, and he cried out. Snapping out of their trances, they glanced at each other and flew down the stairs to the main door. st grabbed the handle and pushed it down. It didn't budge. He grasped it with both hands and with all his strength tried to move it.

"We're trapped," he whispered.

Footsteps. st and Chibi spun around and saw a woman walking in from the room where they had previously been searching. She had long, dark wavy hair that cascaded like a waterfall. Her skin was snow-white and she had piercing sapphire blue eyes. She wore a long-sleeved gothic gown and a smirk on her face.

They stepped back as she approached them. She stepped closer where it was lighter. Chibi gaped in astonishment. "It's you! You're the woman we saw who-who-who was dead!"

She cocked an eyebrow. "Excuse me?"

st�s eyes widened. "We.. we just saw you upstairs! You.. you were dead!"

She threw her head back and laughed heartily. "Do I look dead? No! I'm very much alive thank you. Can I ask you what you're doing here?"

Chibi searched for words and stuttered out, "Our-our bis.. bus ran out of gas and we ended up he- he- here and this um, this woman, the caretaker? She said we could spend
the night here."

She smiled. "Gladys? Oh that woman can be such a bitch. I can't stand her, really. She's such a sour-puss." She thrust her hand out at the two, who jumped. She chuckled. "I'm sorry, I must have frightened you. My name is Drusilla. You can call me Dru. I own this house."

st reluctantly extended his hand and held Dru's in his. Her skin was cold, sending shivers down his spine.

From behind him, chibi heard someone coming down the stairs. He and st turned around and saw Chon, Gouf, KE, and Tyler walking down.

"Where have you guys been!" cried KE.

"We, uh, got lost and came down here and met Dru," explained st.

Tyler squinted his eyes. "Who?"

"Dru, she's right---" Chibi looked behind him. No one was there. "She was right here! She looked just like the body!"

suddenly they heard footsteps, releved that it was only Dread and Dillpops coming down the steps

"What body?" asked Dill.

"The body me and st saw!"

Everyone looked at st who raised his eyebrows. "I don't think we saw her Chibi," he said quietly. "I think we just were so freaked out, we just thought we saw it. And it's pretty dark out, you know."

Chibi sighed in a defeated tone. He rubbed his eyes with one of his hands. "You're probably right. I'm just so damn tired. I probably just imagined it."

"Okaayy," said Dread. "Why don't we go to the bus and grab some stuff from the fridge?" He grabbed the handle of the door and pushed it down. It didn't move, like before. He
tried to turn the lock. It didn't move either. He glanced at st and Chibi who both shrugged.

"We already tried," said Chibi.

"Great. Now what are we gonna do? This place is huge, no way I'm going to get lost trying to find another way out."

"I thought I saw a kitchen," Dill said. "When we were in that one room looking for candles." The eight walked back to the room and through another opening. The single
light from Tylers candlebra gave a barely noticeable glow.

"Hey, look, here's a latern or something," said Gouf, noticing a form on a counter. He reached out and grabbed it, and sure enough, it was a latern.

"Is there any oil?" KE asked.

Gouf shook it gently. "Yeah. Lemme see the lighter. Where is it?"

"Um, in the other room. When I threw it."

"Go get it!"

Sighing, Chon squeezed past the other guys and into the room. He got on his hands and knees and felt around for the lighter. His hands alighted on something. A foot. Gasping,
he looked up and saw a dark silhouette standing above him. Crying out, he stumbled back and crawled back to the kitchen.

"Ah!" exclaimed Dill as he felt Chon ram into his leg. Chon quickly got up. "Give me the lantern! And then candle!" Both appeared in his hands and he shoved the candle into the
opening of the latern and breathed a sigh of relief when the latern's wick accepted the fire and glowed brightly, giving them a lot more light to see. He ran back to the room where he saw the shadow, but didn't see anything.

"Chon!" yelled Tyler. "You left with our only light. What are you doing?!"

"N-Nothing..." he shouted. He quickly walked back, trying to shrug off the feeling that someone was watching him.

KE grabbed the lantern from Chon and used it to guide the group to a table. He set the light down and everyone sat down.

"So, what now?" said Dread.

Tyler slowly closed his eyes and lowered his head. He let out a sigh.

"You okay, Tyler?" asked Chon.

Tyler jerked his head up and stared at Dill. His eyes looked wild and crazed. His licked his chapped lips and bit his bottom one firmly. A small smirk spread across his face.

"Dude, stop playing around," groaned Dread.

"I'm not," Tyler said in a gruff voice. "Playing.. around!" He leaped out from his chair and reached over to a counter. He yanked a drawer open. Silverware rattled around. He snatched a wide kitchen knife and raised it, aiming it at Dillpops.


Dread jerked his head up and stared at Dill. His eyes looked wild and crazed. His licked his chapped lips and bit his bottom one firmly. A small smirk spread across his face.

"Dude, stop playing around," groaned Dillpops.

"I'm not," Dreadnot said in a gruff voice. "Playing.. around!" He leaped out from his chair and reached over to a counter. He yanked a drawer open. Silverware rattled around. He snatched a wide kitchen knife and raised it, aiming it at Dillpops.

"What the?!" cried Dillpos, getting out of his seat and backing away. Drednot came closer, the blade shining in the latern's light.

"Dread! Stop it!" Chon exclaimed getting up. Elessar and sT stood up from their seats just as Dread tried to stab the knife at Dillpops. She dodged it and it plunged into a wooden cabinet. Dread growled and pulled it out.

"Dread, what's come over you?" cried Dill, grabbing Dread arm. Dread yelled and shrugged Dill off. "Get.. away!" He faced her agina and laughed. He quickly strode up to him and lifted the knife high. Everyone stood, shocked, unable to move. Just as Munky began to lower the knife, he suddenly fell over as Gouf tackled him to the floor. The knife flew out of his hand and slide across the floor.

"Whu.. hey! Get off me!" Dread exclaimed, shoving Gouf away. "Why am I on the floor?!"

"You dont remember?!" cried Dill. "You just about fucking stabbed me with a knife, that's what happened!"

Dread stared at him increduously. "I what?!"

Before anyone could respond, taunting laughter filled the air. None of theirs, but it came from all around, tickling their ears and echoing loudly.

They weren't alone.

"Drusilla," whispered Dill.

"Ugh, im hateing this" Siad Chon

"You mean that woman you said you saw?" asked Gouf.


"Let's get the hell out of here!"
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'Oh,' he said.
YES, said Death.
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Martins Bar: Punch Bag Session
by the occupants of Martins Bar, see page link at bottom of post for where this clip is cut from:

* * *

TWWK: Nice to see you, my former Jedi apprentice - you shall make a strong ally in the fight against evil...oh, hey dill, let's play DDR! I suck at it...but it's a ton of fun!

dill: okay!

TWWK: but one thing's first...<punches dill in the face>

Martin's Bar People: oooooohhhh

Mr. T: <walks up to TWWK> that's it foo, you're outta here

TWWK: but, but, she hit me first! <dill sneaks up behind TWWK and slices him in the face with her glaive> owww!!

Mr. T: alright, you're both outta here <picks up and drags a kicking and screaming dill out, along with TWWK> come back when you can play less violently <throws the two out of the bar>

dill: thanks for getting me thrown out!

TWWK: hey, you punched me first!

dill: ...can we go back in yet?

TWWK: I don't think there's a designated time to stay out here...uhh...okay, let's go in and play DDR...

*Looks at the DDR machine*

Greer: Hey, this doesn't have the Butterfly China Power Mix! Stupid machine! *kicks it, causing it to explode and throw greer out of the bar into the ocean*

TWWK: You moron. The REAL DDR box is over there *points to another machine*

Greer: Ahhhhhhhh.... Er, maybe you should start Dill's lesson.

*the lesson has been censored due to graphic content*

TWWK: You say you never played before? Then why did you beat everything on maniac and score a perfect on each one?

Dill: ....

*As they're walking, Dill punches TWWK. CP gets punched by Dill.*

TWWK: o_O;

Dill: What just happened . . .

CP: I'm clear across the damn bar from her. But that felt like a Dill punch . . .

TWWK: And I felt nothing . . .

Dread: Whoa, that was freaky . . . do it again! Again!

Dill: *Shrugs. Punches TWWK. CP gets punched by Dill.*

TWWK: How in the name of DDR is this happening?
DM: Warp hole maybe?

Dill: *Takes a step forward. Punches TWWK. CP gets punched by Dill.*

CP: STOP that!

Dill: Unless the warp hole is following me, no.

Dread: AGAIN AGAIN! Hahahaha! Do it again! This is hilarious!

Dill: *Shrugs again. Punches TWWK 4 times. CP gets punched by Dill 4 times.* I wonder what'll happen with the Glaive . . . *Slashes at TWWK. DM gets head cut by glaive, and mysteriously is sent out the window. The window is repaired by nanobots.*

TWWK: Hehe, cool, [Singsong voice*you can't hurt me, you can't hurt me!*Singsong voice] *Punches Dill. Dread dodges a punch from TWWK.*

Dread: Bloody hell? Now I've gotta test this. *Punches at TWWK, TWWK gets punched by Dread.*

Stealh Ninja Johnny Psycho: Interesting. It seems to only happen when TWWK and Dill attack each other. And the type of attack determines who gets hit . . . strange . . .

Dill: Oro? *Punches at TWWK, nailing CP in the jaw.*

dill: so if I hit CP it'll hit TWWK?

*goes over and punches CP*


dill: 0_o I got you again?

CP: well YEAH!

TWWK: hehe, this is good stuff...but now lets get the DDR on!!

CP: uh...wait a minute, this might not be good...

TWWK: wha? too late! <starts groovin'...forcing CP to stomp his feet up and down in a nice little rhythm>

CP: uhh...<still moving his feet>...can you stop now?

dill: no, he's not done yet; but I can do this! <punches TWWK; CP gets punched by dill>

CP: I think this beating is starting to take it's toll on me...

TWWK: I'm perfectly fine! <continues to dance...and so does CP

dill: hey you got the moves

TWWK: thanks

dill: *dances*

TWWK: you're not bad youself

dill: great

CP: HELLO! We need to sort this problem out!

dil: it's kind of fun though

Dread: sure is, it's great, hit him again dill!



All: HAH!


TWWK: haha, this is sooo great! what if I do this?! <slams head against a table>

Everyone: ooooooo...

TWWK: uhh...I guess it only works when dill punches me...mommy? <faints>

CP: Bloody hell man . . .

Dill: No Swearing! *Punches TWWK.*


Dread: *giggle*

Doug: *guffaw*

CP: I need to find some way to stop this . . . aHA! *Puts his hand on the sheath of his Ice Sword, and the area immediately around him becomes incredibly frigid, with mist radiating outward.*

Dread: Hey! No misting the bar!

Mr. T.: I pity da foo' that mists the bar! *Starts to walk over, Dill stops him.*

Dill: I got it, T-man. *Punches TWWK. CP get's punched by Dill, but Dill's hand is encaded in a block of ice from entering the vicinity of the frigidness.* AHH! COLD COLD!

CP: Hahaha, that was WORTH that last punch. Thought you could get away with maiming me through TWWK eh? Ha-HA! Who's smarter NOW?

TWWK: *Smirks.* You know Dill, you're hand probably isn't frozen to that block of ice yet. Were you to, I don't know, break the ice on something hard, like, oh, say a human skull, I bet your hand would be fine. *Winks.*

Dill: Oro? Hmmm . . . *Winks back. Punches at TWWK with all her strength, breaking the block of ice on CP's head. CP gets knocked to the floor.*

CP: *moan . . . *

Bar: *Laughs hysterically.*

::the door to the bar slowly opens as a figure collapses to the ground inside::

dread: uh...

::the body lies motionless::

cp: should we at least see who it is?

::a few bar regulars walk over and see the man slightly breathing::

twwk: well, he's alive...

::cp reaches over to touch the body, but it moves suddenly causing everyone to jump back::

"if...if you ever decide to move the bar again, make sure to let EVERY person know..."

::JJc turns over, breathing heavily::

dread: uh, the bar didn't move you know...

twwk: yea, we just started a new thread is all...

"y-you're joking..."

cp: nope, it's the truth...

::JJc slowly rises to his feet::

"well then, uh, i guess i'll have a sunkist then dread..."

::tdm hits a random person, causing JJc to refamiliarize himself with the ground::

dread: good to have ya back...

::with a hand over his eye:: "yea..."

Dread: Lemme try this "DDR" ::jumps onto the pad:: and GO!

<Music starts as Dread tries his best to dance>

TWWK: -_- omg.. thats so...

Dill: soo....

CP: Bad... damn dread.. you can't dance can you..

Dread: *Thinking he's doing good* HAHA! I'll have the high score with these steps! ::keeps dancing::

TWWK: .... This is so embarresing.

Dread: And finish! W00t! I wonder how I did?

Score: -1982


TWWK: Wow.. I didn't know anyone could score so low! I thought the lowest score was 0.

Dill: I think the blind one armed monkey got a better score.

CP: He did.. his score was 50.

Dread: damn thing must be broke.. yeah thats it.. *flashes high scores, then low scores* -_-;

FDD: Let's see what song you we're doing.....o.0!!!!!

Dread: What?

FDD: 'Have you never been mellow'?!?!?!?!?!

Dread: ...And?

FDD: You scored that bad on a beginner's song. My god do you suck!

Dread: Thanks for the compliment -_-''''

FDD: Don't feel too bad, I can only get 15,000 on that song.

Dread: Only?! Man I suck -_-

Deelite: what are nanobots?

TWWK: well, you see...nanobots are a lot like Sunkist...

CP: nanobots are like Sunkist? what does that even mean?

TWWK: uhh...uhh...must cover up for idiotic simile...dill, quick, hit me in the head!

dill: sure! *punches TWWK in the head, CP gets knocked on the floor, everybody laughs*

TWWK: good work dill!

dill: I'll punch you in the head anytime!

TWWK: uhh...thanks?

dill: so if I hit TWWK and it hits CP what happens when someone he hits me?

TWWK: let's try that out

dill: no!

*a chase begins as TWWK tries to punch dill*

Dill: *Shrugs again. Punches TWWK 4 times. CP gets punched by Dill 4 times.* I wonder what'll happen with the Glaive . . . *Slashes at TWWK. DM gets head cut by glaive, and mysteriously is sent out the window. The window is repaired by nanobots.*

TWWK: Hehe, cool, *Singsong voice*you can't hurt me, you can't hurt me!*Singsong voice* *Punches Dill. Dread dodges a punch from TWWK.*

Dread: Bloody hell? Now I've gotta test this. *Punches at TWWK, TWWK gets punched by Dread.*


THAT's what happens.

dill: oh yeah, forgot I guess...

TWWK: so can I punch you now?

dill: sure! <TWWK punches dill, Dread gets punched>

Dread: oww! <drops beer he was serving> ughh...<starts to fill another beer mug>

TWWK: hehe, that was pretty cool...<punches dill again, Dread drops another beer mug>

Dread: stop that!!

TWWK: ::punches Dill and hits Dread::

TWWK: heheheh

Dread: ACK STOP IT!! *throws a beer bottle at TWWK*


TWWK: Paaaaaaaaaain..... *falls to the floor*

TWWK: *comes charging back into the bar* that's it, Mr. T, I ain't taking your jibba-jabba no more!! *punches Mr. T, Dread gets punched*

Dread: what?! I get punched if either Mr. T. or dill gets punched? no fair!

Mr. T: that's it foo, you asked for it! *punches TWWK, CP gets punched*

CP: oww!

TWWK: hehe, this is funny...but we should probably correct this somehow...I know! <calls up friend, Juanmosillo, at MIT>

Juanmosillo: hello

TWWK: hey, I need your help!

Juanmosillo: I go to MIT...I'm better than everybody you know combined...goodbye <hangs up>

TWWK: eh...looks like we're on our own...

CP: *Downs his 24 and 1/2 b33r in the last 4 hours* You have to admit, this is the livliest this place has been in a while. But why the hell can't I get drunk? I can't even get a buzz! I don't even need to take a piss!

Slim: *Hic* Nother orange juice . . . *Hic!* I love HIC love HIC you bar stool . . . *Falls over. Snores*

Mr. T: I pity da foo' that can't hold his non-alcoholic orange juice!

TWWK: Freaky, yet cool. When I punch Dill, CP gets hit, AND he can't get drunk! HA! Sucks to be you!

CP: Oh yeah? Look over here. *Holds his right hand out and snaps his fingers. TWWK looks over without thinking, and CP smacks TWWK accros the face with his tail. JJc gets smacked with CP's tail.*

JJc: *Heard from the basement* Damnit man! Not while I'm trying to find my music stuff! And I know that was you, CP! No one else has anything that fuzzy!

TWWK: Hehe, this is fun!

CP: Bloody hell man . . .

FDD: I got it!

Dread: Got what?

FDD: Let's see what happens when everyone gets hit at the same time...

Dread: I don't think thats a good idea.

FDD: Aww come on...

*somehow everyone is hit at the same time, causing everyone to be hit again, a neverending loop ensues until everyone is unconscious*

FDD: So.....that's....what.......happens*collapses*.

TWWK: *comes out of unconsciousness* hmm...I must be the first to wake up...*looks around at all the bodies lying on the floor* this is not good...*starts moving some bodies out of the way* now, that's much better!

DM:*walks into bar, sees everyone unconscious, sees TWWK dancing*0_o What happened?

TKKW: Everyone got hit at the same time which caused a chain reaction that knocked everyone out.*continues dancing*

DM: Ok.*quickly looks around to make sure everyone's KO'ed, jumps over counter, gets a rootbeer, jumps back over, drinks rootbeer and waits for people to start waking up*

TWWK: hey, wait a minute...*stops dancing* as long as everyone's out...*umps behind the bar and starts searching through a stack of papers*here it is!

DM: what's that?

TWWK: *with a devious look on his face* it's my tab! time to rip this sucka up...

Voice: you better stop with the paper tearin, foo

TWWK: oh crap...it's Mr. T

Mr. T: what, did you think I'd be knocked out? Mr. T is unaffected by this dimensional jibba-jabba *throws TWWK out*

DM: well, I guess that's what he gets...

Mr. T: don't think I didn't see you steal that root beer, foo *throws DM out also*

*TWWK returns to bar*

dillpops: *bites TWWK's hand*

CP: *sits up, wide awake* ahhh!! my hand! *glares at dill*

TWWK: *tsk tsk* you just don't learn, Dill. *CP is heard screaming in agony from the bite mark on his hand*

::sounds of metallica's "battery" can be heard on an acoustic guitar in the basement::

dread: sounds like he found what he was looking for...

cp: took him long enough...

"yea, well someone should really clean up down there..."

::walks into the bar area, guitar in hand::

"...i had to wade through broken barstools, whale remains, and some things dread probably didn't want me to find..."

cp: actually, while you're up here, i wanna see if you're interested in helping me test a theory...

"a theory?"

cp: yea, this whole "warphole/everyone hitting someone else" thing...

::JJc shakes his head violently::

"oh, no...it's bad enough having that 'random person' sign permanantly tattooed on my back...i'd rather just not get involved..."

twwk: oh come on man, let's see what happens...

fdd: yea, you never know...

cp: tell ya what, you can even throw a fist at me to make up for earlier...after all, no one's DIRECTLY hit me yet...

::glares over at dill and twwk::

"well, i don't know..."

::random chatter encouraging JJc to do it ensues::

"alright, alright...just once though..."

::JJc slowly winds up his right fist while cp stands still::

"you are sure about this, right?"

cp: of course man...odds are good it won't hit me anyway...

"okay then...here it COMES!"

::JJc lets go and hooks cp in the stomach...cp doesn't feel a thing::

cp: well now, who got hit?

::everyone looks around to see no damage dealt...they turn back to find JJc on his knees amidst the remains of a broken guitar::

twwk: i don't believe it...

"m-my guitar..."

dread: oh crap...

::cp takes a step back nervously as JJc's arms begin to twitch::

cp: listen man, it was an accident...i didn't know that was gonna-

::JJc looks up with a nasty glare at cp...he quickly lines up another punch, this time at cp's face::

"why don't we test your theory one more time cp..."

twwk: you fool!

dread: don't-

::JJc lets loose with a much more powerful shot than the first...cp looks nervously as JJc's body slumps to the ground::

tdm: he hit himself?

twwk: of course, how do you think the first punch destroyed the guitar hanging from his neck?

dread: i'll go get an icepack...

dill: awww poor JJc, you never get a break do you?

JJc: *random mutterting*

dill: *pats JJc's head* if it makes you feel better I'll hit TWWK to hit cp

CP: wait a minute...it wasn't my fault JJ hit himself!

TWWK: well, it sort of was...I mean, it was your idea...

CP: uh, yeah, but...

TWWK: alright dill, let er' rip...as hard as you can!

dill: I don't know, I can hit pretty hard...

TWWK: just do it!

dill: okay, here goes!! *swings a powerful right at TWWK, who slams into the ground*

CP: hmm...I didn't feel that at all...

TWWK: *lying on the ground* ughhh...my face...my beautiful, beautiful face!

dill: hmm...what happened here?

Saiyoukai: I think whatever was happening stopped

the end
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'Oh,' he said.
YES, said Death.
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Sheesh that was alot of work.. Had to change alot of the lines as this message board saw "insert words here with TWWK and <> brackets in it" as an attempt to URL and would give me errors..

FFXI: Heavens Redmage. Level 75

'Oh,' he said.
YES, said Death.
'Not even time to finish my cake?'
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Note to self: Condense "JJc14 vs. Beatdigga, the final battle" into this thread...

You have any of the other one-on-one fights from way back when Dread?
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I'll look around and see if I have any luck finding them. You vs Beat, Ben vs Me.. yeah I'll look for them^^
FFXI: Heavens Redmage. Level 75

'Oh,' he said.
YES, said Death.
'Not even time to finish my cake?'
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Putting together a "Retrospective" of sorts on my participation in the 'Fight Thread'. It'll basically be a history of my character leading up to the final fight with beatdigga. Still doing research, but I plan for it to be up sometime in February, which will mark the five-year anniversary of that fight...

Dreadnot wrote:
I'll look around and see if I have any luck finding them. You vs Beat, Ben vs Me.. yeah I'll look for them^^
I was going through some PM's and read mention of one between TWWK and beat. Just something else to try and dig up if possible... =)
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(With Dreadnot digging up a bunch of old fanfics for this thread, I was inspired to go back and find the "Final Fight" between beatdigga and myself, culminating our fifteen-month conflict in the "Fight Thread" in February 2003. Reading through the various PM's and stuff surrounding the event brought back some good memories, and led to further research and reflection upon my participation in the "Fight Thread" itself. This culminated in the essay that follows, but for those just interested in the fight, scroll down to the big text...)

One Man's Fight (Thread)
by JJc14

I can't really speak on the original purpose of the "Fight Thread", as I was never into the fanfic thing when I joined the board. In late 2001, I registered for a creative writing class at my first college, and began braving the various threads here for inspiration. It wasn't so much me looking for material as it was how to convey actions in words. Being out of the loop on most of the other things, I stuck with the "Fight Thread", as it was a simple, comedy-laced take on action scenes borrowed from the popular shows and games of the time. A user named beatdigga took on the role of the super-evil bad guy, and Dreadnot, The World We Know, dillpops (when she wasn't beating up Dread), and others tried to stop him. Simple stuff, but I noticed everyone wanted to be the supreme hero fighting for justice and what-have-you. Again borrowing from cartoons and RPGs, I felt there had to be a comedic-relief character involved, so I took on the role of a bumbling loser who tried to do good but failed in just about everything. It was fun, and provided a needed contrast to everything else that was going on, but there were only so many things that could be done with such a part...

After another skirmish with beat, I decided to take the character in a different direction. Under Dreadnot's guidance, JJc learned the ways of the sword, training with a modified version of Sephiroth's Masamune blade (Final Fantasy VII), Musashi's Fusion dagger (Brave Fencer Musashi), and later a 'batkuto', or a baseball bat carved into a bokuto (inspired by Suzuka's sword in Outlaw Star). beat organized some sort of tournament around this time, and my character challenged him one-on-one. The result was a terrible thrashing, in which my character's life was spared only when Dread and TWWK stepped in to parry the killing blow. Bruised physically and emotionally, JJc went into seclusion for further training. beat took a page out of Aqua Teen Hunger Force by having an evil hideout in New Jersey, and since I'm actually from there, JJc came out of hiding and tried to infiltrate. beat ended up escaping, destroying the land and all inhabitants, including my character's home and family. This added the dark edge I was looking for, causing JJc to become a conflicted loner out for revenge. He began distancing himself from everyone else, but a newer combatant, counterparodox, confronted him at this time, which eventually led into a friendship, restoring my character's focus. Another skirmish opened JJc's eyes to the brutality of killing others, and so he set off to conquer his inner demons by confronting three opponents of his past. This was done as a reflection of my actual encounters with action-animation and video games, so it was kinda surreal. By resolving all three conflicts without killing, he met his teachers Dreadnot and Kenshin at the summit and was bestowed the reverse-bladed masamune (yea, really original, I know). I wanted the next fight with beat to end with my character inflicting some sort of long-term injury to show how far JJc had progressed, but beat didn't sell the broken collarbone for very long. The thread was mostly quiet after this, so myself and counterparadox went back-and-forth creating a sidestory that was to strengthen us both. It was turning out to be quite original, but then the board crashed in October 2002, and obviously that all went down the drain...

When the Infolink was created and the "Fight Thread" restarted, the original idea was to reset my character as well. The bumbling loser returned for a little while until confronting his 'other' self and having his old powers restored in a dramatic (albeit confusing) manner. This fanfic-ish story was to be a closing for me to take a break and focus on classes, but beat ignored that request. counterparadox kept order restored over the next month while I made brief appearances when possible. 2002 came to a close, and things started to feel like the "same old, same old", with the thread beginning to fade in popularity. With a rough Spring 2003 semester coming up, I really needed to take a leave of absence, but after months of watching beatdigga narrate actions of guys like TWWK who hadn't been around to respond, I didn't want to suffer the same fate. I was also running low on ideas for future storylines, and was afraid that if I stopped participating for a prolonged amount of time, I just wouldn't return. The one thing I DID want was an eventual conclusion to the conflict between JJc and beat, and so in February 2003, I made a proposition for a final duel to settle everything...

Now, these battles have happened before, but they all just kept going until boredom crept in and that was that. To determine a winner, I brainstormed a situation where both parties would agree to a certain amount of "turns", and at the end an impartial judge would decide the victor. I originally envisioned three judges (counterparadox, TWWK, and Dread), but only cp was still active in the thread at this point, so he reluctantly took the honor without knowing what would happen afterwards. Actions were agreed upon for each result, with the winner narrating it back in the "Fight Thread". It came down to honor vs. life. If I won, beat would have to admit defeat and abide by my request to never narrate my character's actions until if/when I returned. If beat won, he had permission to kill my character in any way imaginable, as long as it was permanent and regarded in the thread as such. No resurrections, no nothing. Steep, yes, but I had to make it worth his time and effort after all...

Here now is the fight in its entirety. Between posts, I've tossed in some commentary as to what my mental process was at the time and what I think about certain events reading them now...

JJc14 vs. Beatdigga, the final battle. - 5th Anniversary Edition

Beatdig(g)ga, Wed Feb 12, 2003 2:43 pm wrote:
JJ- This time you shall fall!
Beat- {Searching through the trunk of his car} Wait a sec.
JJ- What is it?! Where did that car come from?
Beat- I'm looking for something to kill you with, and I drove it here.
JJ- NO! {Slashes at beat, who draws Excalibur and easily parries all of JJ's blows} You won't get anything to help you!
Beat- But I have to! I always use gimmicks! {Ends up knocking JJ to the ground, slashing at his hand}
JJ- OW!! {Gets right back up} No gimmicks!
Beat- {Moving into superkickass fighting position} And why not? I'm already using them!
JJ- NO! {Rips off Beat's shirt to reveal the armor of KAMEN RIDER!}


Beat- Nice, huh? {Puts on the Kamen Rider helmet} Now to use a super badass finisher!
JJ- You fool. {Dashes in quickly, only to realize that his blade cannot penetrate Kamen Rider armor} AH! No matter!
Beat- This matters. {Pulls out the Chain energy Duel Monsters card} Seal!
JJ- {Is binded by the chain energy} I CAN'T MOVE!
Beat- Relax. No one could break those bonds.

Beat started things almost immediately after counterparadox accepted the judge spot. Kinda caught me off-guard. Didn't know anything about Kamen Rider, but I figured working on the armor was a good way to start...
JJc14, Wed Feb 12, 2003 5:02 pm wrote:
::struggles against the invisible barrier::

beat: come on, don't tell me this is over already...

"oh no, i'm just giving the crowd a show...it seems i've made a lot of fans over time..."

beat: idiot, they're only rooting for you because i'm the bad guy...otherwise they wouldn't give a damn...

::a chorus of boos echoes out from the spectators::

"well, i guess you could be right...you got that "bad guy image" down..."

::beat coughs::

beat: can we get on with this?

"oh, sure..."

::beat holds excalibur in front of him::

beat: ::scoffs:: ten posts...it'll only take one to finish this once and for all!

::beat charges forward for a kill shot::

i hope this works...

::JJc lets out a scream, struggling against the air to regain movement...beat swings his sword and pauses, knowing he's made contact::

beat: that's...it...?

::a shred of JJc's shirt drops to the ground::

beat: no way...

::beat takes a fist to the gut, followed up by a nasty right across the face that cracks his helmet, and a kick that sends him reeling...he looks up to see JJc holding his shoulder::

that was a bit too close...

::a flashback to the encounter shows JJc breaking the binding spell a la kenshin and ducking away at the last possible second::

beat: well, despite this setback, i'm surprised at your lack of fighting prowess...might wanna work off some of that rust JJc...


::both fighters charge, beat with his excalibur and JJc with his masamune...various swings and parries ensue, as JJc's lighter, thinner blade gives him the speed advantage, wearing beat out with his larger weapon and heavy armor::

beat: you won't win this easily...

::beat's blows begin slowing down::

"your body lies..."

::JJc lunges his sword through beat's side, piercing the armor and creating a hole...beat sees this opening and raises his weapon for attack, but loses sight of JJc until another slash behind him goes through the other side of his armor, causing the bottom to fall out...JJc finishes the skirmish by sweeping beat's legs out from underneath him::

beat: impossible, no blade could penetrate this armor!

"with such wide open shots, my dagger could've done the same..."

::beat rises to his feet, his remaining armor covering his arms and chest::

beat: a noble effort, but ultimately futile...

::JJc sheaths his sword while the remnants of beat's armor falls to the ground, leaving only a shocked expression on beat's face::

"so then..."

::JJc raises his fists::

"...round two?"

That Kenshin technique was stolen from his fight with that manslayer Jinnai early in the series. Kinda stupid seeing as the show hadn't aired on Cartoon Network yet (though it would a few months later). I doubt anyone got the reference...
Beatdig(g)ga, Thu Feb 13, 2003 2:43 pm wrote:
Beat- You broke the armor of Kamen Rider?
JJ- Well, yeah. It may have looked "badass", but it was heavy.
Beat- Maybe I do need something lighter. Kamen Red!


Kamen Red is much faster than Kamen Black. And Excalibur can be moved with the greatest of ease. You're just not smart enough to realize that.
JJ- No matter! {Lunges foward with incredible speed, with his masamune drawn}
Beat- That's it! {Moves much more quickly due to the lighter Kamen Red armor, then puts all the force behind Excalibur, knocking the masamune to the ground, with it's blade chipped}
Beat- My blade was heavier. Stronger. With added speed and momentum, it was sure to knock your butter knife away. Simple physics.
JJ- You wanna see a knife?! {Draws knife} This is a knife! {Lunges at beat} I'm not done yet!
Beat- Oh, yes you are! {Gets on badass Kamen Rider bike, in Super Mode}


Coming through!!!

JJ- {Jumps in an attempt to kick beat off the bike, only to have it move in with a shiled of momentum like a comet, knocking JJ about half a mile away}

Beat- This ends now! {Fires the lasers on the bike, nailing JJ with them, then hits the brakes as JJ falls to the ground} Cool.

Great. New armor and a bike? Had to leave one alone and deal with the other...
JJc14, Thu Feb 13, 2003 4:59 pm wrote:
::draws his fusion dagger in mid-air and stabs it into the ground, breaking the force of his landing...slowly, he rises to his feet::


::charges beat with his masamune still sheathed::

beat: figures, you never did learn...

::beat dismounts and charges for a shot overhead...JJc unsheaths his sword in an upward slash, which is parried by beat, but throws him off-guard::

beat: wait...that wasn't his attack!

::JJc lines up his blade parallel to the ground and, using the momentum from his first swipe, executes a sword thrust in one natural-looking move::

beat: NO!

::beat barely avoids the blade, falling off to JJc's left...believing he's safe, he puts his hand on the ground to set up a counter-attack, only to be surprised by the feeling of pain in his right shoulder::

beat: his dagger...he must've had it in his left hand the entire time...

::beat reaches over to pull it out, but an electrical discharge causes more pain::

"it's one thing to have speed, but the owner must understand it's use..."

::beat continues struggling against the dagger's power, slowly gripping it in an attempt to remove it::

beat: you...you won't...I WON'T LET YOU-

::the dagger is flung from beat's body, landing on the ground between the fighters...beat's previous pain is transferred to another emotion, as he charges forward in a fury::


::a quick fistfight ensues, with JJc blocking most of beat's blows...the scuffle turns the fighters around as beat lands two swift punches and a kick that sends JJc back::

beat: not so tough now...

::JJc grabs his dagger off the ground while flying backwards and unsheaths his masamune, attempting to slow his descent to the ground...a metallic clang is heard before the blade pierces the ground and stops him::

what was that?

::beat looks ahead with a glare::

beat: my bike...

::beat's kamen rider bike lie in two pieces as the fighters begin their next attacks::

Beatdig(g)ga, Fri Feb 14, 2003 2:37 pm wrote:
Beat- You destroyed my bike. That makes you evil. {Secretly presses button on remote}
JJ- You're the evil one.
Beat- Not anymore. You're just obsessed with revenge.
JJ- No! You are evil! And you have a thing for world domination, and giant women.
JJ- DIEEEEEE!!!!! {Charges at beat, who avoids the first blow}
Beat- Ke-sha! {Lunges at JJ, who jumps into the air}
Beat- The jokes on you.
JJ- Huh? {Looks out in the distance, to see a flash of light nail him in the gut} AHHHHH!!! It BURNS!!
Beat- Retractable Car mounted laser cannon. {Moves in insanley quick to strike JJ with Excalibur before he hits the ground}
JJ- {Burnt and bleeding}
Beat- And now for the kill! {Moves in and nails JJ with a flashy Sentai style finisher, the Kamen blades}
JJ- {Falls to the ground} uhhhh....
Beat- Call me evil again. Do it.

More diversions. He's doing a good job keeping me at a distance...
JJc14, Fri Feb 14, 2003 6:13 pm wrote:
"you're right..."

::rises to his feet using his masamune for support::

"...you're not evil..."

::beat chuckles as JJc faces him::


::the drops of blood stop hitting the ground as JJc tightens his grip on his sword::

"you'd have to be living to be evil..."

::JJc hurls his dagger at beat, which is dodged::

beat: ha! you think that'd work a second time?

::beat looks ahead to realize he's gone::

beat: i've seen this before...

::beat turns around and holds up his sword to block an incoming attack...sure enough, the thrown dagger clangs off his blade and to the side::

beat: please...

::beat disappears just as JJc slashes with his masamune and tries to attack from the side, but a quick nudge of JJc's sheath blocks the blow and leaves him open to recieve an elbow to the nose::

beat: you...you hit my face...

"guess that lighter armor cuts corners on protection..."

::JJc slashes upward, causing a wave of wind to lift beat's body and send it back another few yards before landing::

beat: ...

::beat slowly gets back up to notice a trickle of blood running down his face::

beat: must've hit him a bit too hard...wait...my blood?

::beat's eyes begin to fill with hatred::

beat: i cannot allow this!

::beat lands a blow to JJc's stomach, but takes a stiff shot to the jaw in the process::


::JJc opens his fist, grabs beat's collar as he's still falling back, and pulls his body into his knee, lined up with beat's gut...beat naturally falls forward as JJc uses his same arm to land an elbow smash to the back of beat's neck while lifting his knee...beat's body flips over and crashes to the ground::

that should give me a minute...

::JJc tapes up his wounds::

"he can't be that hurt..."

so what's he planning...?

Beatdig(g)ga, Mon Feb 17, 2003 3:02 pm wrote:
Beat- All right, calm down. He's trying to rile you up. Make you careless. Without his little masamune, he's nothing. {Looks at the deck of cards} Tribute to the doomed! That gives me an idea.
JJ- Come on! Face me!
Beat- Okay! Beaver Warrior! {Summons a small beaver armed with a sword and shield}
JJ- Pathetic!
Beat- Alone, maybe. But as a sacrifice, it's your worst nightmare! Tribute to the doomed! {The beaver dies as thousands of arms appear from the ground grabbing JJ}
JJ- NO!! {Hacks away at the hands, only to have more come and replace it} They're dragging me into the ground!
Beat- Oh, come on. You can do better than that!
JJ- AHHHH!!! {Jumps and avoids the hands, as the go into the earth} HA!
Beat- The joke's on you. Where are your weapons?
JJ- {Looks to see the hands go into the ground with his masamune, other sword, and all his daggers} no...
Beat- Oh, yes. TURBINE LASER!
{A huge laser cannon is formed, landing on Beat's shoulder.}
Beat- Lock on to JJ! FIRE! {The turbine laser nails JJ dead center}
JJ- Ohhh.... {Falls to the ground}

Damn, took my weapons. But wait! I never picked up my dagger after it was deflected in the previous post!
JJc14, Mon Feb 17, 2003 8:03 pm wrote:
::the laser's impact causes a large quantity of smoke to kick up, obstructing beat and the crowd's view of JJc::

beat: please...it was just that simple...

::a silence falls over the arena as the smoke slowly disapates...beat looks over to cp::

beat: well, how much more proof do you need? declare me the winner already!

::the smoke gives way to a figure standing, his arm extended forward holding a dagger::

beat: i don't care what it looks like, i know that's just impossible...

"your perception needs work beat..."


"yes...you're right..."

beat: ...and i currently possess your masamune and everything that was on your body...


beat: so how is it that you have your fusion dagger, and how is it that you're STILL ALIVE?!

"...as i already stated, your perception is lacking...my dagger was not on my body at the time of your attack..."

::beat tightens his fist::

"...you should've realized that it was YOU who deflected it aside during my last attack, and it was your foolishness in assumption that blinded you to the reason i jumped over here..."

::beat hurls JJc's masamune to the ground in anger::

"now then..."

::JJc forms a fist with his hand holding the dagger, and aims it at beat::

"...i believe this is yours..."

::the dagger glows a bright color as beat's turbine laser is released directly at him...beat comes out of the blast with virtually no physical damage, however, his remaining kamen armor is fried and rendered useless::

beat: well then, is that all you got?


beat: not so big without your masamune, eh?

::beat smiles evilly as he picks up JJc's blade::

beat: it is said that a weapon cannot be called such unless it takes a life...

::beat flips the sword over, exposing the sharpened reverse side::

beat: now, wouldn't it be funny if this tool became a weapon by claiming it's owner's life?

::JJc stands silently::

beat: now, now...you're not laughing...

::beat draws excalibur in his other hand and tightens his grip on both weapons::

beat: well, it matters not...either way, you're dead!

::beat unleashes his attack, with JJc barely dodging each blow::

beat: it's just a matter of time until you slip up...

::JJc holds up his dagger to hold the swing from beat's excalibur::

beat: big mistake...

::beat slams the masamune down, forcing JJc to hold up two swords with his dagger...the pressure begins to force JJc's blade back towards him::

beat: and now...

::the dagger emits a glow::

"...you die..."

::the dagger unleashes a second laser blast which consumes beat from point-blank range...while in mid-air, JJc liberates his sword and touches ground before beat, poised to end the match with one blow::

Beatdig(g)ga, Tue Feb 18, 2003 1:27 pm wrote:
JJ- This ends now!
{A huge glow of light engulfs beat's body}
Beat- You're forgetting the first rule of Sentai! Whenever the hero looks like he's beaten, he comes back stronger than ever to defeat the villain. And I have no need for your masamune! {Throws the accursed blade into the ground}

JJ- What?!

Beat- Kamen Ryuki!!


JJ- No matter! {Strikes beat with the fusion dagger, only to have it get knocked away harmlessly} No..
Beat- It's clobberin time! {Gets out Excalibur, and strikes JJ repeatedly with the blade, as he is too wounded and confused to mount an effective defense}
JJ- Why?! Why am I losing?!
Beat- {Kicks JJ to the ground} I'll save the speech for after the fight!
JJ- {Gets up and attacks beat with a flurry of attacks, punches, kicks, and dagger slashes, which are either deflected or absorbed by the Ryuki armor} I can't penetrate your armor?!
Beat- That's right. Stronger than Kamen Red, but quicker than Kamen Black, this is the ultimate balancing act.
JJ- I DON'T CARE!! I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!! {Continues the rage-filled attack}
Beat- Ah, revenge. It consumes you. Unfortunate. {Powers up Excalibur} Time to end this. KAMEN BLADE STRIKE!!! {Hits JJ with the Kamen blade strike across his chest}
JJ- {Falls to the ground, then explodes, in usual sentai fashion}
Beat- {Turns to face JJ} I doubt that could have finished you. But you don't have enough strength left to fight after it. You are after all, only human.

Sword's gone again. Gotta start planning for this to happen frequently. Also, the "revenge consuming JJc" thing would have been a unique angle if I hadn't already done it in the Fight Thread a year prior...
JJc14, Tue Feb 18, 2003 4:33 pm wrote:
"'humanity' merely poses limits upon itself in belief of something greater..."

::JJc rises slowly to his feet::

"...one can realize their true potential by casting aside this notion..."

beat: potential or not, the human does eventually expire; that even you cannot help...

"ah, but one can delay the inevitable, perhaps until a life's goal is realized..."

beat: i see, so you must be dying...how unfortunate...

::JJc scours the area quickly to find his weapons...the fusion dagger lie nearby, however, his masamune isn't visible::

beat: ...go ahead...you want your dagger so bad, take it...

::JJc shifts his eyes from beat back to his weapon::

beat: come now, do you think i'd attack you defenseless?

"...wouldn't be the first time..."

beat: but, it could be the last...

::beat laughs silently to himself::

what can i do here? it seems that he holds all the cards...

beat: now, now, JJc...stalling for time won't get you anywhere...either attack or forefit...either choice will cost you only your life...

well...here goes...

::JJc vanishes from sight...beat's enhanced speed allows him to keep pace and slash an open target, though JJc's reflexes limit the blow to a scratch on the arm::

beat: no matter...

::beat attempts to lift his sword to find it stuck in the ground::

beat: stupid piece of...

::JJc redirects himself, landing a kick to beat's face, sending him back a few feet and releasing his grip on excalibur...beat recovers quickly, grabbing JJc's leg before he can release::

beat: fool, how dare you underestimate my armor...

::beat slams JJc straight to the ground, causing his body to disappear in the sand::

beat: now then, my sword...

::beat goes to lift excalibur again, but has the same trouble as before::

beat: i don't understand, why is this happening?

::beat's continuing effort begins cascading the sand, revealing the sword lodged in some sort of metal contraption::

"it's your own fault you know..."

::beat turns to JJc, covered in sand but his masamune recovered and drawn::

beat: you...YOU somehow did this!

"me? wasn't it you who swung the sword at me, and wasn't it YOU who brought that motorcycle onto the battlefield in the first place?"

beat: motor-cycle...?

::beat recognizes the metal contraption as half of his cycle from earlier on::

"since it's supposed to be so powerful, it wouldn't break from a typical sword slash..."

beat: but you- i don't-

::beat lets out a scream of anger::

beat: i WON'T be outdone by the likes of YOU!

::beat grabs the handle of excalibur and lifts with a great amount of power...the cycle part lifts off the ground along with the blade::

beat: and NOW...

::beat slashes the sword downward, splitting the cycle part cleanly in half::

beat: your turn...

Wow, I can't believe I had beat blatantly state what would happen if I lost the fight. In retrospect, I shoulda put something else there...
Beatdig(g)ga, Wed Feb 19, 2003 11:49 am wrote:
JJ- It's your own vanity that will be your undoing. Even if your sword is free, you cannot win.
Beat- Let's see here. You're broken, bruised, bleeding, and I'm one step away from defeating you. Hell, you said yourself you were dying. You're a skilled warrior. But you can't win.
JJ- {Raises blade} I doubt that. You are evil, I am good.
Beat- {Charges in with Excalibur, matching JJ in a sword fight} Lately it doesn't seem that way. I've gone straight, stopped trying to take over the world, and started dating. This is no good! In swordmanship, we're equal. But in technology... {Jumps into the air}
JJ- {Jumps after beat}
Beat- Now... {Throws a card into the air}
JJ- {Swings at beat}
Beat- HA! Mirror Force!
JJ- {Feels the force of his attack being reflected on him} NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! {Falls to the ground}
Beat- Now! {Readies the Rakeagi} FIRE!!! {Nails JJ dead center with the Rakeagi magic}
JJ- {Isn't moving}
Beat- Rakeagi. The ultimate offensive Yu-Gi-Oh magic. Destroyes any monster. If you did survive, you'll be paralyzed for life.

More references I don't know about, but he was correct about me taking a beating up to this point. Guess I gotta start making revelations...
JJc14, Wed Feb 19, 2003 7:11 pm wrote:
okay...he thinks i'm battered and bruised, on fire and paralyzed...

::looks up to see he's in a twenty-foot crater created from beat's last move::

guess he hasn't figured out about my "armor" yet...had a feeling leaving it red would've given it away too easily...

::slowly rises to his feet::

guess he may as well enjoy this while he can...

::very slowly crawls up to the surface, feigning a paralysis injury::


beat: die, yes i know...

::beat walks over to JJc::

beat: it's becoming rather irritating...

::beat kicks JJc in the gut a few times, with JJc selling the pain perfectly::

beat: HA! i could keep this up all day...

::beat unleashes his fire card, lighting JJc's body on fire...JJc slowly crawls over toward beat::

beat: begging for mercy isn't gonna get you anywhere...

::beat lifts JJc by his collar, holding him eye to eye::

beat: don't you get it yet? you lose...


beat: pathetic...

::beat goes to toss JJc to the side...JJc grabs hold of beat's arm and flips him over, crashing him onto the ground::

beat: !

::JJc lands a kick to the back of beat's head as his body bounces upward from the first blow...drawing his masamune, JJc lands a stiff slash underneath beat's right arm, takes that arm, and once again slams beat headfirst into the ground, landing a second sword strike to the left collarbone in the process::

"i don't care how tough your armor is, i know that hurt..."

::beat gets up, quickly moving his left arm away from his ribcage as to not reveal pain::

beat: ...absolutely nothing...

"really? your armor tells me otherwise..."

::beat looks down to find his armor pierced where the masamune struck::

beat: this is the ultimate armor of-

::the pain of a broken collarbone catches up, causing beat to fall to his knees...the entire left shoulder of beat's armor has either fallen off or is hanging by a thread::

"it doesn't matter beat...fact is that armor was meant to protect against the sharpest of swords...the creator obviously didn't account for a master in the reverse-blade to strike it..."

beat: i...don't care what you say!

::beat leaps up for a surprise sword attack to be met by JJc's blade and pushed aside to the ground::

"you may claim to be my equal in swordsmanship, but you have yet to develop the basic qualities of the art..."

beat: ...

::beat pops his collarbone back into place and stands up::

beat: i'll show you just how superior i really am...

I'm not sure if I was referencing beat's collarbone injury from months before. Knowing that and reading this post again makes it sound like I was bitter about his no-sell from back then, but I believe it was just coincidence...
Beatdig(g)ga, Thu Feb 20, 2003 11:36 am wrote:
Beat- Impossible! He should be dead by now! {Runs a scan through the use of the radar underneath the Kamen armor} Wait a sec. He's got some sort of protective armor. No wonder he wasn't done in by the first Turbine laser. But it seems weak in the shoulder areas, after those attacks. Reinforce!
{A bright light surrounds the Kamen armor, as all the cracks and chinks are repaired}
JJ- I was unaware.. that you could do that.
Beat- You're unaware of a lot. {Spins into the air with the sword in a spinning motion}
JJ- {Jumps once again to meet beat in combat}
Beat- NOW! {Nails both of the shoulders of JJ's armor, then falls to the ground} Nice armor.
JJ- HOW DID YOU.... {Watches as JJ's armor falls to the ground}
Beat- Too bad it's weak around the shoulders. Now you're in big trouble.
JJ- {Gets into an attack pose}
Beat- {Picks up the turbine laser from the ground, then fires it in the middle of a cartwheel}
JJ- {Gets blown away by the laser, as he falls to the ground}
Beat- AHHHHHHHHHH!! {Lunges forward with Excalibur, and strikes JJ in the face} No mercy!
JJ- {Kicks beat off, and nurses the huge scar across his face} No mercy? I'll show you no mercy! {Throws knives at beat, who blocks every one}
Beat- Dart launcher! {Fires a multitude of tiny darts at JJ, who seems to block every one}
JJ- HA! Next?
Beat- Oops. Dart in your neck.
JJ- {Pulls out the tiny dart from his neck} You expect this to..
Beat- Shhh. Ride the Giang Hu poison.
JJ- ?
Beat- Soon your blood flow will reverse, and you'll be unable to breathe. It takes about 5 minutes to take full effect, but you'll feel it right away. The antidote takes at least an hour to prepare.
JJ- ! {Attacks beat in a new flurry}
Beat- {Begins to really move as he kicks JJ in the gut with a series of kicks} It's funny, considering that the masamune can repel violence, while you seem to revel in it, like it's brother, the Muramasa.
JJ- {Attacks violently, although his movements start to become more sluggish}

He took a guess about the "armor", which was wrong. The poison angle was a nice touch, but the scar on the face? You know I had to address that!
JJc14, Thu Feb 20, 2003 12:49 pm wrote:
::both fighters leap to opposite sides, poised for another attack::

beat: you should take a good look at yourself...as if you weren't a kenshin rip-off before...

::JJc touches his face and runs his fingers down his wound::

beat: what's the matter? does it hurt?


beat: ...took care of your armor already, your life is draining as we speak...

took the bait as expected...

"...and you think it's over already?"

beat: of course not, you're like a damn cockroach...

hmm...it'll soon be five minutes...

beat: guess you didn't believe me about the poison...i believe we've just hit the five minu-

::beat starts coughing violently as if he's choking on something::

"...you think i just knocked them away beat?"

::beat reaches over and pulls out a dart lodged in his right wrist::

beat: it...doesn't matter...i can resist one dart...

::beat falls onto the ground, revealing two more darts, on on his left hip, and one behind his right leg::

beat: two...more...? but you...?

::JJc reaches behind him and grabs the handle of his fusion dagger...he is covered in a white light for a second before things return to normal::

"standard poison, didn't think i'd fight you without some sort of cureall technique now, did ya?"

beat: damn you and your gimmicks...

"you're one to talk..."

beat: ...

"besides, unlike you, i've used it in the past...perhaps you should study your foes rather than assume you're always all-powerful..."

That cure-all technique was discovered during the adventure with counterparadox that was interrupted due to the board crash. As you could see, I was starting to get a bit frustrated with the random stuff being introduced with every post...
Beatdig(g)ga, Thu Feb 20, 2003 1:23 pm wrote:
Beat- Not "all powerful", just ready. {Takes out the antidote for the poison} Besides, did you really think I wouldn't carry an antidote for my own poison? {Drinks the antidote}
JJ- At least you know poison doesn't work.
Beat- Once again you misjudge me. You still think of me as the all powerful dictator. But sometimes, the simplest method works.
JJ- Like what?
Beat- Restrospective. I've called in gimmicks, and haven't really taken myself as evil incarnate. You, on the other hand, are cold, evil, and hate-filled. If I stand for everything that you hate, then I've won, since hate has already consumed you. I pity you.
JJ- Hate filled! I'll show you hate filled! {Jumps into the air with a flying kick}
Beat- Time it right... now! {Goes into the air with a jump kick, and counters JJ while he's in the air}
JJ- {Charges foward}
Beat- That's it. Time to call upon the Kamen firepower. ARTILLERY POWER!!! {Two HUGE cannons forms right in front of beat, through the magic of Kamen armor, as they do in all Sentai} FIRE!!
JJ- WHAT?! {Gets nailed by the artillery} No, no, this can't be happening!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! {Explodes}
Beat- {Sends the weapons away in case they're needed again} Come on JJ. Without your armor, you couldn't have taken that much damage.

Again with the "revenge" thing. Also, since he mentioned the armor again, I had to make the reveal and start hinting at the "final" power...
JJc14, Thu Feb 20, 2003 5:22 pm wrote:
...he still doesn't get it...

::JJc brushes off his black long sweatshirt/ki and walks out to face beat, beads of sweat running down his face::

beat: looks like you're still alive, guess i should come to expect it by now...

::JJc stands silently, his extended sweatshirt and hair flowing in the wind::

"you may claim to have changed, yet you show no remorse for your past actions..."

::the fighters meet eyes::

"...your eyes continue to show your ruthlessness of the past..."

beat: and that makes you good?

"...i too have my past to live down, moments i'm not fond of, but anyone here could see the changes i've gone through..."

beat: ha! then why are you here right now? what exactly did you plan to do in the impossible situation of you winning?

"i...don't know..."

beat: you don't know? what kind of answer is that?

"i came into this fighting for those who's lives you wrecked...i hoped to find a final answer, a solace, through this..."

beat: well, that's all well and good...

::beat draws his sword::

beat: but it won't help you now...

::JJc draws his masamune, which gives off an odd glow presumably from the sunlight::

::the fighters clash swords, locked against one another::

beat: i will provide your solace soon enough...

"you've provided enough..."

::the light from the masamune blinds beat...JJc lands a sweep kick, taking out beat's legs, while slamming a masamune shot to the left side of his neck...JJc sheaths his sword and draws his fusion dagger, which glows to apparently no effect::

beat: i guess that would constitute as your last words...

::beat prepares a sword strike, but stops when he feels something tugging at his foot::

beat: wait, how?

::beat's 'tribute of the doomed' spell activates, this time pulling at beatdigga himself::

beat: NO! it won't end here, it WON'T!

::beat is pulled underground as JJc covers his open wounds quickly::

i know that won't do it, but i believe i've bought some time...

(Obviously the light on the blade is mentioned for a reason...)
Beatdig(g)ga, Thu Feb 20, 2003 5:42 pm wrote:
Beat- Idiot! Thinks he can use my magic against me? Besides, it'd need a willing sacrifice to work. JJ truly has become all he's hated.
Hands- ?
Beat- Launch me!
Hands- {Send beat out with a huge push}
JJ- I knew you would come here. {Jumps in the air}
Beat- It's time to repent. {Focuses his energy on Excalibur} This blade has struck down evil in the past, and would never allow an evil one to weild it. I weild it out of repentance.
JJ- SHUT UP! {Strikes at beat, who blocks the blows, and then moves in}
Beat- {Takes out the Kamen X, a interchanging weapon that all Kamen riders use} Form of sword! STRIKE! {Sends the two blades across JJ's neck, striking, and leaving JJ bleeding}
JJ- {Faces beat despite the blood loss}
Beat- His masamune! I've got to take that blade, and get it as far away from him as possible! Form of whip! {Kamen X turns into a whip, which wraps around the hilt of the masamune}
JJ- Oh, no you don't! {Pulls rapidly on the blade}
Beat- Stupid JJ. {Using the force of JJ's push at the right moment, beat pulls on the whip, launching the masamune hundreds of miles away}
JJ- My sword...
Beat- I know that's where all your power lies. I'm not stupid enough to weild it, because you might try to get it back. Without it, you're in big trouble. {Whips JJ, then moves in on the attack}

This was tough. He saw right through where I was going, and I had no backup plan without my main sword. If I got it back immediately, he'd just take it again. Best to take my lumps before the final post...
JJc14, Fri Feb 21, 2003 1:28 pm wrote:
all i need is to distract him...

::beat unleashes a flurry of sword attacks, JJc dodging most of them, but with considerable trouble::

beat: i know you still have your dagger somewhere, too bad you don't have enough time to draw it...

::JJc falls from a slash to the shoulder, but lines up a kick to beat's gut while on his back, sending him back a few feet::

"alright beat..."

::both fighters rise to their feet...JJc begins removing his black sweatshirt, which is actually a modified ki::

beat: what? what is this?

"guess i've kept you in the dark long enough..."

::JJc takes off his black sweatshirt, revealing his usual, tattered one underneath::

beat: that's your armor, a second ki?

"don't be misled, the one i just removed actually is more protective than you think..."

::JJc turns the ki inside out to reveal a bright red color on the other side::

"see, i ran into this fellow a while ago...an unusual half-man, half-demon that reminded me a lot of myself...we got along real well and he gave me this to use in our fight..."

beat: so that's how he's still alive...

"however, i had to sacrifice some speed, and with your great increase, though i hate to admit it...we've been rather even in that area..."

::beat grins::

good, it's back...

::JJc takes a step to the left::

"so, let's see how you fare now..."

::JJc launches his dagger from seemingly nowhere directly at beat's face...as it flies through the air, JJc takes the initiative, appearing in front of beat and starting a fistfight...beat blocks most of the blows and pushes JJc aside::

beat: wait...

::beat remembers the dagger and dodges back, avoiding the blade but leaving himself open to a kick in the face...JJc grabs the dagger out of mid-air and lands a few more fists to beat::

beat: the armor...when will you learn?

::beat slashes, but misses due to the speed imbalance::

"can't hit what ya can't see..."

::JJc appears behind beat::


::his right fist glowing, JJc sends it squarely in beat's back...since the technique is a two-part fist, the first part shatters the armor, leaving the back exposed for the second shot, sending pain throughout beat's spine::

thanks sano...

::beat crawls to his sword and clutches it tightly::

The ki reveal was obviously from Inuyasha, which was done because most of beat's earlier attacks involved fire or burning, and those who have seen the show know fire is repelled when wearing it. The fist technique is also from Rurouni Kenshin. It was revealed in the "Fight Thread" that my character trained in hand-to-hand combat with Sanosuke, so it seemed like a natural fit that I'd be able to use it...
Beatdig(g)ga, Fri Feb 21, 2003 1:42 pm wrote:
Beat- Big deal. A new set of armor. JJ's never heard of the Authurian legends. Because of them, I cannot lose, since the scabbard of Excalibur prevents me from dying. REFORM!!!
{The Kamen armor repairs itself, because of it's regenrative properties, after beat patches up the wounds}
JJ- Care to go again.
Beat- Let's see, you have another set of armor. This one seems weak in the chest area.
JJ- How can you tell?
Beat- {Charging forward} That's for me to know, and you to die trying to figure out!
JJ- {Gets his dagger into defensive position, but it proves a mistmach due to Excalibur's longer blade} Huh?
Beat- I've learned a couple of tricks myself. This one's from a pool buddy over in Patchouge! {Like a cue, beat pushes the point of Excalibur towards the weak spot in JJ's armor, cracking it into a million pieces with extensive force} Haha!
JJ- What does it matter? I'm faster without the armor! {Begins moving at an incredible speed, towards beat, who can barely block the blows}
Beat- The funny thing about this game, is that's it's all a matter of timing. KAMEN X! {The Kamen X forms a whip that ensares JJ, allowing beat to distance himself from him} CHARGE ATTACK! {100,000 volts of electricity flows through the whip, electrocuting JJ as beat retracts the whip}
Beat- Thank you my friend. The legacy of Kamen Rider lives on through me.
Original Kamen Rider- (in a mental flashback)


You've served the legacy of the Rider well.
Beat- That outfit looks ridiculous by today's standards.
Kamen Rider- Look in the mirror.
Beat- Seriously, though, thanks.

This caught me by surprise, and I found out later what had happened. Turns out beat was under the impression that the tenth post was to be the after-fight story post, and so that's actually how I was supposed to die. The rules we agreed on though said specifically that after ten posts, a winner would be chosen and the conclusion would be seen back in the Fight Thread. This confusion could have brought down the entire fight, but beatdigga chose to let things go and see it through to the end...

Meanwhile, I had the final post. You know I had to make things dramatic with the final showdown!

JJc14, Fri Feb 21, 2003 2:24 pm wrote:
"a little early for that, don't you think?"

beat: right, so what was it now?

"i still had my dagger on me...you know, the whole absorption thing?"

::JJc's dagger gives off a few sparks before sending the kamen x attack back to it's target::

beat: it doesn't really matter...

::beat raises his arm, the lightning dispelling at his hand::

beat: ...the attack can't hurt it's creator...

"i see..."

::JJc raises his left hand above his head::

beat: trying again?

::a sword lands directly in his hand, giving off a significant glow::

beat: you-your masamune!?

"...guess you didn't notice then..."

::flashback to beat hurling the masamune away...in mid-air, a small dagger makes contact, redirecting it upward and back to it's original target::

"...though i must admit, without either of my blades on me, for a while i was a bit concerned..."

::the masamune shines even brighter, to the murmors of the crowd::

beat: what...is...that?

dreadnot: i-i don't believe what i'm seeing...

twwk: it can't be...

both: the spirit of the sword...JJc's unlocked the spirit within his blade?

"beat, i believe the time has come to end this fight..."

::JJc lowers his sword and takes a fighting stance...beat tightens his grip and does the same::

i may have a slight speed advantage, but i can't be too safe...

::JJc grips both his weapons, the masamune facing upward and glowing brightly, and the dagger facing downward, allowing the pygmie spell for increased speed to take effect::

beat: it's become apparent then...no matter how hard we've tried to co-exist, it always comes to this...

::beat's armor begins to glow::

beat: with you eliminated, my intentions will be impossible to stop...

::beat pulls his sword back::

for my family, my hometown, everyone who's had to endure suffering because of him...for my friends, allies, loved ones...

::JJc pulls his sword(s) back::

...and for me, to settle my past, and to finally move on in life...

::beat lets out a roar and charges forward, JJc does the same::

both: IT ENDS NOW!

::both fighters meet and lunge into attack...the impact pushes back the crowd as the clash of swords emits a bright light, consuming the fighters and blinding everyone from seeing what actually transpired::

The pygmie spell was another acquisition from the sidestory with counterparadox. The reveal with the sword was kinda weak, but I couldn't come up with anything that sounded better at the time...

I figured I lost. Might seem strange saying that now, but I thought all the damage taken by my character tipped the scale in beat's favor. We never actually discussed in specifics how cp would declare a winner, but before he made his decision, he asked me what was going on. He was afraid we were gambling some "real" item or property and he'd be an accessory to it, so I had to tell him what was going down. I got PM'd the decision at about the same time this was posted...

counterparadox, Tue Feb 25, 2003 7:46 pm wrote:
Dread: Whoa . . .

DM: Flashy lights . . .

TWWK: Huh, go fig.

CP: *Takes sun-glasses off* You all really should have brought your own glasses.

Slim: You saw what happened?

CP: The whole thing.

DM: Then, what happened?!

CP: You can see the after affects for yourself. Look. *Points*

Dread: They're both standing. But . . . the fight is over. I don't know why, but I can feel it, it's over.

CP: Yep, JJc has won.

*They all stare at CP*

Slim: Are you sure?

CP: Look for yourself.

I had already prepared my "Thank you's" in anticipation of a loss (beat was to give me one final post before the killing blow had he won), but upon reading that, I had to rack my brain to finish things up. I had one other technique from Inuyasha planned for use but which never fit in, so it was seen in a different capacity here. Because the entire "Fight Thread" was on pause waiting for this post, I scrambled to get this done and say my goodbyes...
JJc14, Tue Feb 25, 2003 8:45 pm wrote:
::as the light subsides, the fighters can be seen, backs faced against one another with swords extended, waiting for the other to move::

beat: ...

::the crowd stands motionless, eagerly anticipating the next action::


::JJc falls on one knee, the crowd gasping in disbelief::

beat: ...

::a quiet chuckle is heard, which slowly builds up into a hysteric laughter as beat turns around to face his fallen foe::

beat: and so, it ends...

::beat charges forward, looking to take the life of the defenseless JJc::

beat: die...

::beat's blade touches JJc's left shoulder and begins to cut in, but suddenly stops::

beat: ah...AH...AHH!

::beat lets out a deafening cry of pain as his back gives out, causing his body to crash onto the ground::

beat: no...i can still...

::the pain continues to increase, rendering beat paralyzed::

"...and so, it comes to this..."

::JJc rises to his feet using his masamune for support, an obvious strain seen on his face as he turns to face beat::

"...i've waited, so long..."

::the fresh wound on his shoulder begins to bleed, joining the heavy wound on his right leg from the encounter::

"...felt, so much..."

::beat continues to put all his efforts into moving his limbs, which begin to shake violently::

"...endured more than my share of pain..."

::JJc tightens his grip on his masamune, the dagger still in the same position::

"...and here we are..."

::beat somehow regains a miniscule amount of motion, slowly backing away and inching toward his sword::

"...i'm left to wonder though, what should be done?"

::JJc looks at his sword::

...do i have the right to take the life of one so evil?

::beat continues moving ever closer to his sword...JJc walks over to him::

"i see now what must be done..."

::JJc flips over his masamune, revealing the sharpened blade...beat reaches out with his right arm, falling inches short of his sword handle::

"do NOT pick up your weapon..."

::beat hesitates, then lunges behind him, grabbing his sword::

beat: ...

::beat pushes forward with everything left in him for a shot at JJc::

"you fool!"

::JJc slashes beat with the sharpend side of his blade, the sword running through underneath beat's right arm all the way to his left shoulder...the crowd falls into a deafening silence as the sound of beat's body hitting the ground echoes throughout the arena::

"...and so it ends..."

dread: no...h-he couldn't have...

twwk: i...i don't believe it...

::both dread and twwk run onto the battleground, cp does the same::

twwk: why? why did you end it like that?

::JJc shows no emotion::

dread: y-you killed him?! how could you?

::JJc begins to walk away silently...cp grabs him by the shoulder::

cp: don't you get it? your actions just proved that beat truely won this fight...


::JJc walks away, leaving a stunned crowd behind::

twwk: ...

::slowly, the three fighters walk over to beat's corpse::

dread: after all i taught him, he really betrayed his own beliefs...

cp: why? i never thought it'd come to this...

twwk: truly, i was misled...

::beat lies motionless as the three fighters stare in silence::

cp: ...what now?

::beat slowly sits up, causing the three fighters to recoil in defense::

cp: no...no way...

twwk: that's impossible...

beat: what just happened here?


::alone on a hill, JJc examines the sunset in reflection::

i don't know what caused me to activate it in time...

::flashback shows the fusion dagger glowing moments before the masamune made impact::

i actually went into that slash with the intention of killing him...perhaps he was right all along...

::JJc exhales, taking in the scenery::

...guess one's training is never complete...

::beat gets to his feet, finding all his wounds completely healed::

dread: you mean to tell me after all that, he's not even hurt?

cp: no, there must be something more...

twwk: JJc?

all three: ...

it better be true then...good and evil exist in a perfect balance, so removing evil would beget a greater evil...

::JJc examines his blade::

besides, i'll continue to believe that good can always overcome evil, no matter how large...

::a gust of wind blows by as JJc leans back and looks at the clouds::

"dread, my mentor and master, teacher of the serious art of sword-fighting as well as the betterment of my physical and mental self..."

"twwk, fellow honorable swordsman and ally in extinguishing evil..."

"cp, who may very well have saved my humanity from darkness...probably the most trusted ally i've ever come across..."

"dill, who reminds me that there will always be something to fear..."

::a small smile creeps onto his face::

"gerb, mech-master and ally in the fight against evil..."

"deragh, who's skilled blade met a stalemate in our dramatic duel...perhaps someday we can settle that fight..."

"tdm, fdd, slim, gf: perhaps the future of the fight thread..."

"spider, who proved his skills in fights long ago..."

"cypro, a man who has the potential but needs only to truly realize it..."

"vash the stampede, the original inspiration for my character, which no one will believe once kenshin airs..."

"sephiroth, the inspiration behind my modified masamune..."

"brave fencer musashi, who's fusion dagger helped immensely..."

"kenshin, my master after dread, who taught me the skills of the reverse blade and rejuvenated my cause..."

"sano, teacher of the hand to hand techniques i've had to rely on..."

::rises to his feet::

...and to everyone else...

::begins walking away::

"...thank you..."

::JJc's figure seemingly vanishes as the sunset fades away::

dread: so he actually didn't take his life...

twwk: we gotta tell him!

cp: i'll catch up to him...

::cp goes to use his instant transmission, only to go nowhere::

twwk: what's the matter?

cp: he's...he's no longer here...

dread: he couldn't have died...?

cp: impossible, i think he's finally acheived his goal here...and, moved on to other challenges...

twwk: so, he's gone?

cp: gone, but never forgotten...

::the three fighters share a moment of silence as beatdigga slinks away::

So that was it. Or was it? I spent the next few months daydreaming about a storyline to get me back into things because I missed the creativity. My plan was to write a novelized story of JJc living with a tribal-esque community until some calamity occurred, revealing beat's presence had spread beyond the "Fight Thread" itself. I planted the seeds for this when "The TDA Story" was created by going back to "The NEW Fight Thread" and making a foreshadowing revelation about this possible return. Unfortunately, interest had waned significantly and I just couldn't motivate myself to go through with it...

'Twas fun while it lasted though!

[Added moments later: Post #1000 on the Infolink. Does that mean anything?]
"Life's a journey, not a destination..." -Aerosmith ('Amazing')
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It means you get a cookie.

That was a great read JJc. I'm glad you put it together as it brought back alot of fond memories.
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JJc linked me here.

I'm not going to dig up the epic fight thread between Beat and myself. Some of you may remember it, but probably don't. We each had 3 other board members aligned with us, and had an epic brawl . . .

I planned on making one more post, and then leaving it forever. I never got around to it, because . . . I got lazy and distracted, I guess.

However, if anyone cares, here's the intended ending in a very brief few sentences. Mostly because I don't remember all the details of what happened just prior.

In short, it was down to just Beat and Myself. Beat had killed off, I think, TWWK (or maybe JJc . . . see, I can't remember. Probably JJc, his epic eternal opponent.) And by Beat, I mean that I, of my own accord, killed him off in order to move the plot along. I kept this up, killing off people until it was just Beat and myself.

The intended ending, was that Beat kills me. Epic struggle, fitting death. And then, from behind him, with glowing eyes in a sort of 'possessed demon; state, TWWK (or JJc) kills Beat from exceptionally close range. An unavoidable death.

The Possessed TWWK/JJc then slumps over, dead.

So Beat wins the fight, but dies at the hand of the eternal enemy that he had already killed. This being the single directive of the body of the eternal enemy, with the directive now accomplished, the body can rest.

At least, that was the plan I had and was leading up to in the month or so leading up to the end. An end that never came.
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