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Date: Wednesday, November 06 @ 19:16:22 EST
Topic: Acquisition Info

Straight off le tumblr (with embellishments):

Hey guys! It’s only been a week or two since we announced the happy news that we’ll be world premiering SPACE DANDY on Toonami in January, but we’ve  got  more big news we’ve been dying to communicate to you.

First, some bad news: Naruto will be leaving Toonami on November 30th. Don’t worry, it’s out there streaming in several places if you want to continue the story (and we think you should).

But the GOOD news is, NARUTO SHIPPUDEN is finally coming home to Toonami in January, premiering the same night as Space Dandy (final date tbd)!

And yes, it will be uncut. And glorious.

There’s more news coming down the pike, but for now, enjoy your regular Naruto eps and prepare to get 
caught up, because SHIPPUDEN. IS. COMING.

We’re excited! Hope you are too.
Stay Gold!
Love, the Toonami Crew

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