Media Factory Inc. goes after fansubs
Date: Monday, December 13 @ 12:53:20 EST
Topic: Soapbox

Up until now, fansub groups and anyone involved in the publication of fansubs had little to worry from legal pressure from Japan. It has long been the assumed belief that, at the most, Japanese anime studios silently condoned the actions or at least ignored the fansub community as being not much of a threat to them.

"On December 7, 2004 AnimeSuki received an email from a Tokyo law firm who represents the interests of Media Factory Inc. (a Japanese anime studio) requesting us to stop uploading "works" (anime series) of MFI to our website and/or stop "inducing" our visitors to websites where their "works" can be downloaded."

For now, whether this is just a fluke or a sign of things to come, the future of fansubs may now be in question.

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