A new TIE? Holy crap! (EDIT)
Date: Wednesday, February 05 @ 17:19:58 EST
Topic: Toonami News

And you thought these had ended in 2003...


On September 8th, 2000, TOM encountered a creature that changed the face of Toonami. In 2015 (date tbd), TOM and Sara will face that creature again.

Toonami is happy to announce THE INTRUDER: PART 2! Why are we telling you about this so early? Simple! WE NEED YOUR HELP. This weekend, we need every Toonami faithful to Tweet, FB post, Instagram, etc  the hashtag, “#intruder2.” The level of interest you guys show will determine how BIG the story we get to tell is. This adventure is in YOUR HANDS. Let us know if you’re excited for THE INTRUDER: PART 2 by posting about it, talking about it, and making your excitement known to the world! TOM and Sara are about to have their greatest adventure yet… and we promise, Toonami will not be the same.


Love, The Toonami Crew.

EDIT: You guys were amazing! Check out the trending results on Toonami Faithful! Brownie milkshakes for all of you!

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