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TI: The Infolink Recommends [M-R]

Welcome to the third installment of "The Infolink Recommends", a four-part collection of commentary revolving around the best in animation as written by members of the Toonami Infolink community. This guide should be helpful in finding that next "big" show we all strive to watch, or perhaps confirm the existence of a show casually mentioned by a friend (or foe?) in the past that may have you interested. We've done our best in suiting this list for the newbie to the world of animation as well as those who believe they've seen everything the genre has to offer.

Where to start with this section? Most every corner of the genre is represented here, from a veteran franchise (Macross), to a more recent "classic" (Neon Genesis Evangelion); from movies (Princess Mononoke, Nausicaa), standard one-season shows (Martian Successor Nadesico, Outlaw Star), to those that just kept going (Ranma 1/2), one's basically guaranteed to find something of interest here...*

* (Guarantee is not a guarantee)

M - N - O - P - Q - R



- SDF Macross (w/Zero, Flashback, Plus, and 7) - Some would say that lumping Macross together is a bad idea, but I disagree. Like Gundam, I can't split them up. The original has a feeling of a space opera, but each series or OVA re-invents itself, which was the plan in the first place. Flashback is a music video, Plus is either Top Gun or an animated soap opera depending who you ask, 7 is a lighter side of Macross (sort of like ZZ Gundam is to Zeta, but not quite that extreme), and Zero has yet to become completely clear. Besides the story, Macross has some dang awesome mecha. The VF-1 is hands down the greatest mecha unit ever created- the F-14 will live forever! The next generation VFs are also well designed. Macross may be the second most popular mecha anime, but it's easily the best. (AdmiralGreer)

- Macross Plus - The first thing I noticed was the animation, which was, and still is, simply stunning. The air-combat scenes were beautiful, and the plot proved to me that a more mature story could be told in animated form. Isamu Dyson was a favorite character of mine, which no doubt led to my liking of Gene Starwind when Outlaw Star arrived a few months later. Though I had no exposure to Robotech or anything with the Macross title prior, it made no difference. (JJc14)

Magic Knight Rayearth

- Magic Knight Rayearth- Meh, not all that great. It was kind of a rip of Gundam and Sailor Moon. More or less your typical magical girl anime. The ending episodes were better than the beginning though. (Tempest)

Maison Ikkoku

- Maison Ikkoku - If you like Love Hina...this was the original Love Hina. The 90+ episodes allow the characters to develop - Godai goes from being a perverted loser (and frankly, a character I couldn't STAND for at least the first 10 episodes), so the guy you're rooting for above everyone else. And Kyoko gets a fleshed out personality in the second half of the series, making her more real, and infinitely more likeable. And the angst...ugh, the angst is monster in this series - it kills you. Finally, the tenants and supporting characters are hillarious - they make so much trouble, it's both annoying and wonderful. (TheWorldWeKnow)

Martian Successor Nadesico/Nadesico

- Martian Successor Nadesico - With a character count putting DBZ to shame, Nadesico remains hilarious throughout, pausing when necessary to address the more serious undertones, but remaining a great ride from start to finish. (JJc14)

- Martian Successor Nadesico- Humor, melodrama, love, war, honor, duty, BIG STOMPY ROBOTS, and an anime convention. This show has it all. (Nobuyuki)


- Memories - The anime that convinced me that anime was worth while. Its actually a collection of three vignettes, each utterly different from the other. It has only recently been optioned by a US distributer for eventual release so those of you who have not seen it will ge the chance to. I remember the three storylines only barely anymore and not enoguh to do them justice so its better if I don't try. (Andromaton)

-see: "Princess Mononoke"


- see: "Martian Successor Nadesico"


- Naruto- It's surprising I like this one so much. It is very original, the series taking place in a setting and with a style that can only be called Kishimoto's own; I've never seen anything like it. It's a good mix between modern and traditional settings, and the characters also are a mix between modern and traditional. Naruto is not the typical ninja series, which is one reason I like it so much. (Tempest)

Nausicaa/Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind

- Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind - When is Disney gonna finally release this?! My favorite Miyazaki film, Nausicaa is the most touching anime that I've ever seen. It's such a powerful film, as is reflected through it's message and through the actions of it's heroine. And, it's just beautiful - a beautiful ending to go along with a beautiful story. (TheWorldWeKnow)

Neon Genesis Evangelion/Eva/Evangelion

- Neon Genesis Evangelion - At the same time, Evangelion is both fulfilling and immensely dissapointing (I hated the ending as much as everybody else...but for different reasons). But overall, it's a fantastic series - a ton of characters we love (and others we can't stand...some characters function in both these ways, one way for one person and the other for another person), great fight scenes, and a captivating story. And, like Lain, it isn't drowned out by the story - what I mean, is, is that it's entertaining. Sometimes, you can read a book or watch a movie that you think is just an incredible piece of art...but you didn't really enjoy it. Evangelion is able to avoid that - it's great AND fun. (TheWorldWeKnow)

- Neon Genesis Evangelion - Very creepy and thought-provoking. Wonderful for sparking discussions about humanity. (Force-Attuned_Krogoth)

- Neon Genesis Evangelion. I'm sure youve heard enough about it on this page. It was the first real anime I'd ever seen, and it completely changed my life for what I believe to be the better. I was a lot more like Shinji than I'd like to admit. (John_Bono_Smithy_Satchmo)

- Neon Genesis Evangelion - An entertaining twenty-odd episodes followed by a serious turn and highly unusual ending, this series initially entertained me but hasn't held up well over time. (JJc14)


Oh My Goddess!/Ah! My Goddess

- Ah My Goddess - AMG/OMG is like Love Hina- a nearly impossible dream actually happens. The OVA draws you in and you can't get out. Maybe it's the "classic" feeling, maybe it's the cute love story, or maybe it's that great 80's Japan feeling. Meh. The characters are each unique and each has a different agenda- getting Belldandy nailed, getting rid of Keiichi, etc. This one is a feel good series not worth missing. (AdmiralGreer)

- Ah My Godess - The OVA it's great, the movie it's great. I like both that's why it's here. (Zechs)

- Oh! My Goddess - The OVA is good; fun and engaging. The movie is one of the best I've ever seen. In my (not-as-art-minded-as-spook's) mind, it's comparable to Miyazaki's works. (Force-Attuned_Krogoth)

- Oh! My Goddess. Same reasons as FAK. I'm a real sap for love stories, especially when they're engaging--and woah! Holy Crap! As I'm writing this, I jsut heard a few notes from one of the OMG music pieces in an OC Remix for Ninja Gaiden (Sudden Loss). Freaky. Anyway, another pair of really great tales. i want one of those English side cars. (John_Bono_Smithy_Satchmo)

One Piece

- One Piece- Don't like this one as much. I know it's really popular in Japan, though it hasn't gained a large fanbase in America. Now this one is the pointless one there is, but I like how Luffy can be serious and strong when he needs to be. (Tempest)

Outlaw Star

- Outlaw Star. Call me crazy, but I just love this classic, if not overplayed story. The tale is brought in full glory, with very few, if any holes. We all see a little bit of each of the characters in ourselves, which makes me like it that much more. The music is only topped in my mind by Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heavan's Door. (John_Bono_Smithy_Satchmo)

- Outlaw Star - How can one go wrong with cool characters, an awesome spaceship, and kick-ass adventures? The concept of the Galactic Leyline had me sucked in from the start, and the first four episodes were an unparalleled rush. While the story strayed from time to time, the character development was superb and the build-up to the conclusion could not have been executed any better. The ending is definite, and while there's still room for more, it can stand alone just fine. (JJc14)


-see: "Tenchi"

Princess Mononoke/Mononoke-hime

- Mononoke-hime/Princess Mononoke- Though I hated Miyazaki's other work Spirited Away, Mononoke-hime was an excellent film. This one did not put me to sleep, and the art style is wonderful. The only reason it's not higher is because I would have liked more dialogue and romance. All in all, however, the movie was very good. (Tempest)

- Princess Mononoke - This was the first anime DVD I bought...and I watched it over a dozen times. The animation is beautiful, of course, but it's the story that makes this movie great. The characters are all flawed, and still likeable. And the message of the story is awesome. (TheWorldWeKnow)

- Princess Mononoke. A very good starting anime--tells a rather good story with exceptional vision and artwork. This was the first Anime my mother ever saw (or did she see Akira first), and she loved it. This from a 45 year old woman who grew up in an ultra-conservative Idaho Mormon family. (John_Bono_Smithy_Satchmo)


[No Entries]



- RahXephon- Bones has great work in this well done Mecha series about gods and love between time. (Green-Bird)


- Ranma 1/2- Again, I'm surprised I like this series as much as I do. The series is strictly humour, but it is, surprisingly, of a humour that I can actually stomach. If Naruto is juvenile and pointless, then Ranma 1/2 most definitely is, but hey!--we all need a good dose of juvenility and pointlessness sometimes. (Tempest)

Read Or Die/R.O.D

- Read or Die - Even though the first time I saw it was only a month ago it definetly makes this list. Yomiko is the greatest Secret Agent EVER. Anyone that can stop bullets with a piece of paper gets deserves a spot. Yet again I'm a stickler for good animation and this definetly serves my needs. With some of the most well done CG ever in an anime it's the tops. (Zechs)

- Read or Die - Pleasantly thoughtful three-episode OVA, with intriguing characters (both good and bad), and great selectively-corporeal-hot-chick-clone-on-clone action. Too bad it's not longer . . . (Force-Attuned_Krogoth)

- Read or Die. Same reasons as FAK, but also for sheer animation quality. Simply beautiful. I've seen it seven times, and it only gets better. (John_Bono_Smithy_Satchmo)

- Read or Die- Very clever, in an "Avengers"-style spy confrontatation. (That's the Steed and Mrs. Peel "Avengers", not the Captain America/Iron Man ones.) Hopefully the R.O.D.-TV series coming out later maintains this level of entertainment satisfaction. (Nobuyuki)

Record Of Lodoss War/Lodoss War

- Record of Lodoss War - The First anime I owned on DVD, actually, I think it might have been the first anime I owned period. Fantasy is fantasy and I love the genre. I find it fascinating that Japan is fascinated by european fantasy and have adopted it and its ideas and emched it with its own. Interesting combinations have come out of this and seeing their take ont he traditional tolkienesque styled world really captured my attention. (Andromaton)

- see: "Read Or Die"

Rupan/Rupan III
- see: "Lupin"

Rurouni Kenshin

- Rurouni Kenshin- Incredibly multi-layered, Rurouni Kenshin is my favorite anime. The characters are multi-tiered and deep, and the plot is intricately woven. Even the supporting characters seem to play a much larger part than they really do. It doesn't hurt that the animation is really good, also. This show is simply great. (Tempest)

- Rurouni Kenshin (TV Series) - The first season is great - a lot of fun, full of good fight scenes and great characters. But it's the Kyoto arc that really makes the series - the characters become memorable, and the showdown in Kyoto in just so exciting. So many great fighters are going to converge on one spot - and the series doesn't dissapoint here. (TheWorldWeKnow)

- Rurouni Kenshin - This show just encompassed everything I liked about the genre. The post-Meiji era comes off as very realistic, the characters feel like real people, everyone has some sort of appeal, and the man himself, Kenshin, reflects the perfect image of a protagonist in my mind. The first 27 episodes served little more than to develop the characters, and being an avid RPG fan, this is exactly what I needed. The Kyoto arc shines as a beautifully constructed plot, and my few quibbles with characters and events are muted by just how great everything comes together. The often-ignored Tales of the Meiji manages to continue the vibe of the first arc, as Sanosuke gets some great character development during the "Son of God" story (which never gets the credit it should for being a great story), as well as the following story being very enjoyable in my mind. My disagreement with the last adventure should bring down the series as a whole, but the preservation of the already-established characters was done well enough to satisfy. (JJc14)

- see also: "Samurai X"

Added: April 5th 2004
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  TI: The Infolink Recommends [M-R]
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-04-11 00:42:03
My Score:

Ha!! Just because you recommend it doesn't mean it's good. I'll admit some of the titles are interesting and sond good. But does that mean I should waste my money on them? NO!! by the infamous author of dark avenger rconstruction.

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