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TI: The Infolink Recommends [A-F]

Welcome to the first installment of the first-ever "The Infolink Recommends", a four-part collection of commentary revolving around the best in animation as written by members of the Toonami Infolink community. This guide should be helpful in finding that next "big" show we all strive to watch, or perhaps confirm the existence of a show casually mentioned by a friend in the past that may have registered interest. We've done our best in suiting this list for the newbie to the world of animation as well as those who believe they've seen everything the genre has to offer.

Part 1 starts things off with a bang, containing the flagship shows for both Toonami and Adult Swim (Dragonball and Cowboy Bebop, respectively), along with underrated gems like El-Hazard...

*/# - A - B - C - D - E - F


.hack/dot hack

- .hack//SIGN - Another series with great characters, but suffers from what even I'd consider some slow sequences. (JJc14)

08th MS Team
- see: "Gundam"


Ah! My Goddess
- see: "Oh My Goddess!"

Animatrix/The Animatrix

- The Animatrix: beyond. There's a good reason why a five minute short took two years to make. The director is an eccentric visionary that looks into every facet and detail of his work. (John_Bono_Smithy_Satchmo)

- The Animatrix: All of these Matrix inspired shorts are good and well done. I personally reccommend A Detective Story, Beyond and Kid's Story. They are the best done. Now I see why it took three years to create such good shorts. (Green-Bird)


- see: "Cowboy Bebop"

Big O/The Big O

- The Big O (Season 1) - With Big O, not only did I first appreciate a "giant robot" show, the great voice of David Lucas caused me to take a closer look at the people behind the characters. The setting of a world devoid of memories over forty years ago was fascinating, as each episode slowly served to flesh out this place called Paradigm. One couldn't help but imagine just what happened to cause the city's current state, and as the episodes went on, it felt that the solution was forthcoming. Episode 13 redefined what I thought a cliffhanger was, though obviously I wasn't the only one intrigued as the second season was recently released. (JJc14)

Blue Sub. 6/Blue Submarine #6

- Blue Suberine #6 - Some fo the better animation I've seen outside of Disney and Dreamworks. (btw Dreamworks Sinbad looks fucking hardcore badass) Intriging storyline with original character designs make it one of my favorites. (Andromaton)



- Chobits-A great anime from CLAMP, that is about a man who finds a robot called a Perscom in the trash. Exallently done. (Green-Bird)

Cowboy Bebop

- Cowboy Bebop- Do I even need to explain this? The dynamic characters...the moving dialogue...the moments of humour balanced by the fights and the seriousness of the entire series...this is, so far as I've seen, the best TV/movie noir ever. Add in the ending, and the greatest one-liner ever--"Bang"-- and the series' perfectness is complete; it made me cry for a little while afterwards. And, of course, the best music EVER by the goddess who is Yoko Kanno. The only reason it's not no. 1 on my list is because it's so short. (Tempest)

- Cowboy Bebop - What can I say that y'all don't already know? It's one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. It has one of the great character storylines I've ever seen...not to mention 3 other pretty good ones for the rest of it's characters. It's clever in just about every way possible. The fight scenes rock. The music rocks. The animation rocks. And it just has style...the best style I've ever seen in anime. (TheWorldWeKnow)

- Cowboy Bebop. Unlike most people, I found the ending to be rather flat. But that's just the last 15 minutes of the series (well, that, and Vicious was on of anime's most static characters). The rest of the series, however, gold, for its originality and humor. If I were jsut rating the movie, this would be higher on the list, as all the stops were pulled out to create one of the best movie experiences you will ever have. All the characters shined in thier full glory, including the villain, and a few cameo appearances by minor characters. Flawless execution of a brilliant plan. (John_Bono_Smithy_Satchmo)

- Cowboy Bebop - Cowboy Bebop mixes a great core cast of characters and amazing combat scenes (hand to hand, firearm, and space), somehow managing to squeeze it into a very realistic take on the future environment. The episodic adventures in the beginning set the pace for the heavier focus on backstory later, the culmination of which being greater than anything else I've seen, animated or not. (JJc14)

- Cowboy Bebop: A series filled with emotion, music, action, sadness, love, hate and comedy. It takes place in the near future, making it almost realisltic. The heart of the story lies in the main character, Spike, ex-con turned bounty hunter and side, his ex-detective partner, Jet, Beatuful and old Faye, and the crazy child hacker, Ed. . It's also about a man's soul, life after death, and living for nothing. The eventful event seems inevitable. You're gonna carry that weight. (Green-Bird)


dot hack
- see: ".hack"


- Dragonball Z: Cell Saga - From the beginning with Trunks' arrival, I knew this wasn't the same DBZ of the Saiyan and Namek sagas. The concept of a dark future without Goku added a tense feeling to the usual fighting. With the arrival of the androids, it was amazing to see the shift in power, and Cell's arrival felt like the end was near. The utilization of the more neglected warriors in the story gave it a much more "complete" feel, and the 'Super Saiyan' concept still felt fresh. With the way things ended, one could feel a state of closure, though that obviously didn't last long. (JJc14)

Dual!/Dual! Parallel Adventures

- Dual! Parallel Adventures - A short but fun series that mixes mecha with Tenchi to surprisingly good results despite the odd setting. (JJc14)

- see also: "Tenchi"


El-Hazard/El Hazard

- El-Hazard: The Magnificent World- One of the best sci-fantasy stories created, IMHO. Drawing on elements from "Arabian Nights", "The Prince and the Pauper", and esp. Edgar Rice Burroughs "Mars"-series novels, EH manages to tell its overall story to complete conclusion while still leaving itself open to endless adventuring inside its fantastic world setting. Too bad later writers weren't up to the challenge. Note: stay away from this if you have any qualms about naked women or aggressive lesbianism. [I've said it before: Irresponsible Captain Tylor and El-Hazard (the original) are the most perfect endings I've seen...] (Nobuyuki)

Escaflowne/Vision of Escaflowne

- Escaflowne-A great series that is about as good as Evangelion or the first Gundam but had some minor plot holes. Yoko Kanno does some great music[.] (Green-Bird)

- Vision of Escaflowne - The anime series that got me into anime. Memories got me accepting it and Escaflowne cinched it for me. The only reason why this isn't top rated is that while the giant freak eyes still bugged me (which I was on teh process of not getting over but accepting it, I still hate them) but the noses made me want to punch the artist in the face. The idea of Fantasy and Mech combined into one really drew me in, especially since the mechs (fuck mecha by the way) actually fougt with swords and swordylike weaponry. (Andromaton)

-see: "Neon Genesis Evangelion"

Excel Saga

- Excel Saga- OMG you have to see this show. There is no Drop dead funnier anime sereis ever made. The show has a loose plot, but who needs it when the show is meant to be the ultimate parody. Every episode is back to back laughs as each episde makes fun of a different genre of anime and film. From the wild west, to space, to harems, political dramas, you name it. EAT MORE MENCHI!@ (Zechs)



- Fantasia/2000 - The greatest artistic animations on all time. The different styles and flow between the pieces work in such a way that animation is raised beyond the dredges that society generally put the genre in. From a technical standpoint 2000 has no equal in america, japan, or the rest of the world. Roy Disney should run the whole damned company. (Andromaton)

Fatal Fury

- Fatal Fury: The Movie - I first saw it on Sci Fi Anime and was just sucked in. I don't know why. Actually I think I do. It's the closest thing I've seen to Street Fighter II: The Movie since well SFII: The Movie. The animation was fairly good, the Voice Acting not to shabby, and it had more than the typical fighter storyline of "then-they-fought". There was generally a purpose behind it, not always good or very viable but it was generally there and it looked pretty. (Andromaton)

FLCL/Furi Kuri/Fooly Cooly

- FLCL- Great. One of Gainax's best designs appear in this series. Very Humorus. (Green-Bird)

Full Metal Panic

- Full Metal Panic - Well animated, great soundtrack (you'd think they'd send in Mr. T! ), hillarious characters, and more realistic mecha design (not to the extent of Gasaraki though) equals a series that sets it apart from other mecha series. It's set in the present day, but one where the cold war continues. A giant robots (arm-slaves) are common military equipment. The real draw of the series though, is the characters. They can go from a hugely serious scene/epsiode into pure comedy. I can't reall explain it. It's just great. And original for a mecha series. Avoid the dub though. The butchering of Japanese words is too awful to bare. (AdmiralGreer)

Fushigi Yuugi

- Fushigi Yuugi- An all-around excellent series which I have not been able to complete yet. So wonderfully angsty! The characters were well-drawn, and the plot was, so far as I'd seen, original. It most definitely is not your typical shoujo anime, though that's what I expected at first. This series made me almost cry, in a good way...and the guys aren't half bad looking. (Tempest)

Added: March 29th 2004
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  TI: The Infolink Recommends [A-F]
Posted by anthonyfiddy2 on 2014-06-09 03:38:12
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  TI: The Infolink Recommends [A-F]
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-04-14 13:34:45
My Score:

Most of these I have seen before so this review is okay with me. Keep up the good work on this infolink! Justin

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