Win a PT Cruiser By Watching Toonami Today
Date: Friday, November 07 @ 01:03:55 EST
Topic: Toonami News

Toonami is having another contest today and the winner receives a rather big prize. 200 winners will receive a Serpent Cyclone Track Set and a Smash Mouth CD while 1 Grand Prize winner will win a customized PT Cruiser loaded with Hot Wheels cars. As usual it is a "look for the toll-free number" type of contest. For more information click "Read More"

[Source: Toonami]

How do you win? Do what you always do, watch Toonami from 5-7 PM (Eastern). While doing so look for the toll-free number. Call the number.

Who can't win? Folks under the age of 5 years or residents of Hawaii, Alaska or Florida.

What if I am a minor? They your parents or legal guardian get the PT Cruiser. You probably get to keep the little cars though, your parents don't want those anyway.

Why should I enter? To keep Knux from winning.

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