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Date: Monday, December 08 @ 22:34:21 EST
Topic: Soapbox

A lot has happened within the executive board of the Disney company in the last few weeks, with Roy Disney's resignation and public denouncements of Michael Eisner, not to mention the decree that 2-D Animation is all but dead. As if that wasn't enough, in the wake of their resignations Roy Disney and Stan Gold have created a web site devoted to saving the Disney company: Their goal is to "...restore Disney to its position as the preeminent entertainment company in the world." The site provides the emails for both Gold and Disney, and encourages people to give ideas, comments and feedback.

To visit the site, click HERE.
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Welcome to Save This website is devoted to those concerned about the welfare of The Walt Disney Company and its future direction. Stan Gold and I plan to use this site as a central information location as we begin to restore Disney to its position as the preeminent entertainment company in the world. We have also provided a mechanism for all interested parties to provide ideas, comments, concerns and input, and we sincerely hope that you will communicate with us. I thank you for your concern about this wonderful Company founded by my father and uncle more than 80 years ago whose sole motivation was to provide lasting and wholesome entertainment to people around the world. I seek your support as we embark on this extremely important mission to restore the magic and wonder to The Walt Disney Company. Roy E. Disney

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