Top Toonami Ratings - May 2003
Date: Wednesday, July 09 @ 21:27:38 EDT
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The Top 111 Cartoon Network Telecasts for May are out and 2 out of the 4 Toonami shows made it on the list. For the first time that I have seen Dragonball Z did not make the list. While G Gundam didn't make it on a Toonami airing, it did make the list through it's SVES run. Thus, the show's Toonami ratings were probably at least decent. Yu Yu Hakusho was Toonami's big show while Rurouni Kenshin also pulled in great ratings. In fact Kenshin's ratings were higher than the previous month. Overall it was a good month for CN, the lowest # in the Top 111 is an 1.8. For the complete list of top rated Toonami shows click "Read More"

Source: Cartoon Network

Remember, with 31 days in May, 24 hours in a day and considering that most CN telecasts are 1/2 an hour long, there were possibly over 1,300 telecasts in May. Thus, the list only covers shows that placed in about the Top 8% or so.

Here are the Toonami shows that made the list (thanks to livingfruitvirus for the list):

30) YUYU HAKUSHO - 5/13/03 Tue 6.0P-6.5P 2.0
32) YUYU HAKUSHO - 5/12/03 Mon 6.0P-6.5P 2.0
40) G GUNDAM (SVES) - 5/24/03 Sat 10:30P-11:00P 1.9
48) YUYU HAKUSHO - 5/14/03 Wed 6.0P-6.5P 1.9
53) RUROUNI KENSHIN - 5/12/03 Mon 6.5P-7.0P 1.9
60) YUYU HAKOSHO - 5/5/03 Mon 6.0P-6.5P 1.9
84) YUYU HAKUSHO - 5/22/03 Thu 6.0P-6.5P 1.8
91) DRAGONBALL (SVES) - 5/10/03 Sat 11:00P-11:30P 1.8
97) YUYU HAKUSHO - 5/8/03 Thu 6.0P-6.5P 1.8
99) YUYU HAKUSHO - 5/7/03 Wed 6.0P-6.5P 1.8
110) RUROUNI KENSHIN - 4/29/03 Tue 6.5P-7.0P 1.8

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